New Workshops on the Horizon

   Many of my regular students have been requesting new workshops as they’ve taken about everything that I currently offer but they wish to continue their study with me.  I have taken the suggestions into consideration and am now offering three new workshops.  If anyone else out there would like to request a particular project for a future workshop, please let me know.  I am more than happy to accommodate where possible.   The most requested classes so far are; Bracelets, Findings and Earrings.

   These little beauties have always been popular!   This workshop will teach you the basics of hand coiling without the use of special tools, creating a wire frame and sewing with wire, how to create custom matching earwires and how to add an antique finish.   Location: A Bead and Crystal House in Pensacola, FL (711 West Garden St).  Cost of the workshop is $40 plus materials.  Materials can be purchased on site. 

Materials required:  2′ 20 gauge wire, 3′ 26 gauge wire, 2′ 28 gauge wire (can substitute 26 gauge), a variety of 3mm to 4mm beads in your favorite colors.  Swarovski crystals make for lovely colorful earrings with plenty of sparkle!

FINDINGS 101:  JUNE 7th 1:00
I would say that while other classes were requested, this class was demanded by students.  LOL  In this workshop you will learn the basics of making your own findings.  You can save a great deal of money by making your own findings, not to mention that by customizing your findings to your project the added detail will take your piece up a notch, artistically speaking.  When you have a toggle clasp with accent beads that match your piece your jewelry will impress!  There’s nothing like the headache of having a piece almost done, but then having to wait to order clasps or earwires to complete it.  As long as you have wire on hand, you will never be burdened with this problem again!  You will learn to make a variety of findings; hammered toggles, coiled toggles, S clasps, hook and eye clasps, various earwires, a varitey of headpins etc.  

   Available at A Bead and Crystal House, 711 West Garden St in Pensacola, FL.    Images to come.

     Look for my viking knit bracelet workshop to come in June.  This workshop will be offered at A Bead and Crystal House (711 West Garden St) on June 23rd @ 1:00.  This is an intermediate to advanced level class.  Cost is $65 plus materials.   If you have the required materials you are welcomed to bring them.  If not, you can purchase them from A Bead and Crystal House on site.  Bring basic hand tools for wire work.    Be prepared for this workshop to run up to 3 hours.

Materials required;  One 9mm clasp; 1′ 20 gauge wire,  1′ 18 gauge wire; 8′ to 10′ of 24 gauge wire (all wire dead soft temper) and a bead of your choice (size will vary depending on the length of your weave).  Two 5mm viking knit caps to finish off the end are optional.

    You can register for any of these classes by emailing  Please specify which class you wish to register for in your email.


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