And the Winner is …. Moi! Brag Post!

Back in December I submitted two of my pieces from my Winged Things series to the Fire Mountain Gems ‘Metal Clay, Metal Beads, Wire Work and Chain’ jewelry making contest.  The results are in.  I am thrilled to announce that I placed first in my category, Fashion Accessories, with my Madame Flutterbye Brooch!  I was very happy just to have made it to the finals round and really did not expect much more than that.  Even as a finalist I would have had the added bonus of having my work displayed in full color full page ads in jewelry making magazines nationwide, which alone carried quite a thrill for me.  I am just over the moon to with excitement to have won the gold medal.  True that I didn’t win the Grand Prize Gold Medal … but then there’s always next year. 😉

Feel free to take a peek at all of the wonderful designs that were submitted by so many talented artist to get your creative juices flowing. I am the seventh person listed in the winners at the top of the page.  Thanks to all of you for the kind words of encouragement over the years that gave me the courage to submit my work.


16 thoughts on “And the Winner is …. Moi! Brag Post!

  1. Delia, Congratulations!! I am so very happy and excited about your very well deserved win. Madame Flutterbye is one of my all time favorite pieces. You Go Girl

  2. CONGRATS…. Again, I’m not surprised. Waiting for the results ever since you told me about your entering. Knew you’d do it. No place to go but up now.

  3. Thanks Doreen! 🙂 I’m too thrilled. Really didn’t expect to place at all. I am a happy girl today … feeling a little creative as well. Will have to set aside time to break out my wire tonight.

  4. Woohooo!!! Super fantastic! I KNEW it would win and I am so thrilled it won BIG. You are worthy of it and this is some time in coming for you. Now you have your big class at UWF coming up too. You’re movin’ on up. 🙂 Can’t wait to start seeing Madame Flutterbye in the FMG ads. 🙂

    • Jeanne, I’m dying to see the first ad too. I might have to frame it … even though they squished her antenna in the pic. 😦 That’s okay, at least they didn’t squish the whole bug. lol STILL thrilled!

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