Workshop: Forged Metal Earrings – BEYOND the Basics

 Introducing a NEW WORKSHOP: Forged Metal Earrings – Beyond the Basics

This workshop will be offered at the special rate of only $25 exclusively for it’s first run!  If you miss out on the first run you can catch it later for the regular rate of $35.  Materials are not included but are available for purchase on location in inexpensive metals/components.

When: August 17th

Time:  10 12:30

Location: A Bead and Crystal House

711 West Garden St. Pensacola, FL 850-432-3400

If you were lucky enough to catch my free Mother’s Day day workshop on basic forged earrings and enjoyed yourself, you will LOVE this workshop.  In this class we will take it to the next level and create more advanced designs that are still simple but have greater aesthetic appeal.

TOOLS: If you have any of the following tools, please bring them to class with you: Steel Bench Block, mini anvil, hammers (chasing hammers preferred but a hammer from the hardware store will suffice), round nosed pliers (a.k.a. rosary pliers), flat nose pliers, flush cutters.  I will bring many tools for shared use but if you have your own, even better!

Materials:  Approximately 2 to 3 feet of 22 – 16 gauge wire, 2 feet of 26 – 28 gauge wire, 1 foot 20 gauge wire, various beads

Seats in this class will be limited to only 6 participants so that I am able to spend one on one time instructing each student.  Advance reservation is recommended in order to secure your seat.  To reserve your space, call 850-432-3400 or email me at  Please leave your phone number with your registration.


6 thoughts on “Workshop: Forged Metal Earrings – BEYOND the Basics

  1. Hey Christine,
    I am getting a lot of request for online courses these days. I’m thinking this might be the way to go in the future. I will have to get myself set up for it, which will take time and money, but I am seriously considering going in this direction. Gotta say, frankly, with your lovely work I’d love to take a class from YOU! 🙂

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