Viking Knit Bracelet Workshop: Pensacola State College

When: October 18th & 20th,  6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Where: Pensacola State College, 9th Avenue, Penscola, FL

Course Number: R 04759  PSC Registration Center online

     Students will learn to create the classic viking knit bracelet in this two day workshop.  Viking knit is a historic technique and one of the oldest known forms of knitting that uses a looping technique that preceded traditional knitting by centuries. Numerous chains created with this technique were found buried in tombs of some of the most famous and powerful Vikings, hence the name.   Despite the fact that this technique comes to us from the big, burly vikings of ages past it is incredibly lightweight and has a lace like appearance upon close inspection.

  Stuffing your viking knit with beads as shown above is optional.  If you elect to do so, bring a strand of 4mm – 5mm beads measuring at least seven inches in overall length.  Students will create a simple hammered closure for their bracelets.  It is preferred that students have some experience with wire work before taking this class.  You do not need to be a master of wire, but it is helpful if you have a ‘feel’ for working with wire.

Materials list: You will need approximately 15 ft of 24 gauge bare dead soft copper wire, 3 feet of 18 gauge bare dead soft copper wire.  You can find these materials at A Bead and Crystal House at 711 West Garden Street (850-432-3400).  A pair of round nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters will be required.  All other tools will be available on loan.


2 thoughts on “Viking Knit Bracelet Workshop: Pensacola State College

    • Jeanne, it went great! We had a good time and everyone made a fabu bracelet. I swear, sometimes I am blown away by the fact that I get paid to teach because it’s like having a group of women that I get to hold hostage and force to be my jewelry making buddies for a period of time. lol It’s too much fun for me! 🙂

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