The Best Part of what I Do is ….

As a jeweler I love the knowledge that I play a small part in so many peoples Christmas morning. I think about the countless pieces that have passed from my bench to the Christmas morning of others and I feel a certain joy.  Knowing that I played a small part in someone’s magical moment is deeply gratifying.

  Though the holidays have kept me insanely busy and I’ve not had much time to blog about all of the exciting things that have been happening lately I do have LOTS to share with you.  I have a lot of workshops coming up in the months ahead at Pensacola State College, the University of West Florida the Emerald Coast Bead Society Retreat and A Bead and Crystal House in Pensacola.  Look for announcements soon.  I have so much to tell!   I will have more time to blog at the onset of January. I hope that everyone has enjoyed a Merry Christmas with their loved ones and I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!


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