Night Bird Cuff Bracelet

This is a piece I made a month or so back that I have fallen head over heels for.  I love the look of it.  The colors are wonderful, the details are lovely and  it’s so comfortable on the wrist one can hardly resist it!  I call it ‘Night Bird’ as four birds rest upon a branch against a full moon sky speckled with stars.  It has been artificially antiqued with a beautiful verdigris patina to add depth and color.  Lots of details packed into this little package!

The copper is so rich against the verdigris background.

Lots of detail on the backside! Glittering labradorite ovals are captured in herringbone weaves.

A cluster of tiny faceted labradorite and chrysophase roundels tickle the wrist.



This beautiful bracelet is soon to be available in my Etsy store.  Keep your eye peeled.  It won’t last long!


2 thoughts on “Night Bird Cuff Bracelet

  1. Glad that you are moved by it. I really adore this cuff. It took a while after it was completed for me to decide if I was going to put it on the market or keep it for myself! lol In the end I decided to share it instead of hoarding it. After all, as I always tell myself … I could always make another. And yet I never do. 😛

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