Merciless Muse

My Muse didn’t let me get much rest this weekend. She cracked her whip again and again, each time demanding something different of me. In this piece I let my inner Alice run wild with the wire, resulting in unexpected whimsy!


And finally another rabbit hole, this time taken by me!  I adore solar quartz and had a few left over from a recent score.  These couldn’t be matched for earrings so I made a charm bracelet to use them up along with some small coin pearls, star quartz and tiny freshwater pearls.  So beautifully white – pure as the driven snow.  It makes me think of the innocence of Alice, before her mad adventure.


What a glorious weekend with my Muse.  I hope she sticks around to keep me busy through the rest of the week!  Though I am exhausted, I am content.  I have created.


2 thoughts on “Merciless Muse

  1. I’m glad your Muse visited, too – I love the eye candy you snapped!! The Alice charm is way cool and that bracelet w/all it’s glorious whiteness is very yummy!! Very inspiring. Thanks for always having lovely shots to jump start my creativity.

    • Thanks Michelle. I can never say enough how mutual this is. I love to peruse your blog for inspiration too. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 You are always there with something wonderful to say to feed my muse! She lives on compliments and mojitos.

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