New works in Progress: Metal Etchings

I’ve been working to catch up on the demand for my etched metal ‘Art Cuffs.’  Many are taking shape, but I wanted to quickly share two new designs that are coming together.  I still have some work to do on both of them before they will be complete, but I’m excited and in a sharing mood. 🙂 One is a butterfly accented with rainbow moonstones.  The over all feel is light, airy and ethereal.

Butterfly 1

Detail Picture:

Butterfly 2

Another new Art Cuff design – Mermaids!  Beautifully antiqued copper shines through the sea greens in this eye catching piece.   Bright blue glimmers leap from the rainbow moonstone beads on either side adding to the watery feel that this piece exudes.  I think my mermaids cuff might have a moon and stars in it’s next incarnation…

mermaid 3

Detail Picture:

Mermaid 2

I don’t know about you, but I really think I’m going to love these new designs.  I see more mermaids and butterflies coming up, and even the possibility of a new octopus cuff!  If you have a request for a particular theme that you’d like to see on one of my art cuffs, drop me and comment and let me know.


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