New Art Cuffs Completed!

Okay, so as promised I am following up with pictures of the art cuffs I showed in progress recently.  I love how they turned out!  First, I have to show off the Mermaid cuff.   I added rainbow moonstone, chrysophase and white sapphire dangles and pearls to finish off the adjustable chain on the back.

Mermaids 1

mermaids 2

And now, so you can really appreciate the detail of the lovely mermaids, a close up.  Note their crossing tails and the fish head harp as they splash and play in the water.  Can you hear their song?

mermaids 3


And now for the butterfly lover!  The rainbow moonstone, white sapphire and amethyst paired so beautifully with the colorful winged creature in this piece.  The rainbow moonstones captures the beautiful iridescence of butterfly wings.  Though you can only see small amounts of blue fire in the photo, there is an abundance of iridescence in the stones.

butterfly 2

butterfly 1

And now, her close up:

butterfly 3

I’m very happy with the end results of these art cuffs!  They are beautiful if I do say so myself, and better than that fun to make!



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