Supplier Review: Steer Clear of Lonnie’s Inc.

Given that so many of you often ask me for suppliers for tools, materials and general supplies I wanted to share my experience with Lonnie’s, Inc. Twice now I have attempted to become a customer – and twice thwarted by their complete lack of customer service. By customer service I mean little things … like actually shipping out your order … ever. Early in January of this year I placed an order with them. Three weeks after having placed the order and receiving my confirmation via email, the items still hadn’t shown up. I had called and left a message as it’s nearly impossible to get through on their phone in my relatively short lived experience with this company. Upon FINALLY getting a live person on the phone three weeks after having placed my order I was told that it was still sitting in the warehouse. This was at the beginning of my foray into enamels and I was waiting on my first trivet, along with many other items I had added to my cart. Without the trivet I really couldn’t move forward. I needed my trivet to counter enamel. Three weeks they held me up. Their excuse? An item was backordered. One item out of many, backordered, so they sent nothing. Nice. I was, understandably upset. I have never heard of a company doing such a thing – for three weeks. I cancelled my order with the company, thinking I was better off dealing with a more reliable supplier.
After a while I thought that perhaps I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Compost happens. I’ve experienced it in my life and I’m sure many of you have as well. Perhaps that was just a fluke, I thought, so I decided to give them another try. I placed a second order with Lonnie’s Inc on March 27th to give them another shot. Today, April 11th I still have not received my order. Two weeks later. Again I attempted to call them and again could not get through to a real person. Finally, having given into my frustration and no longer being willing to sit on my phone, burning up minutes pointlessly, I emailed the company expressing my dissatisfaction and to check the status of my order. Finally, I received a call from Carla from Lonnie’s who informed me that once again my order was still in the warehouse and had not been shipped. Of course they had multiple excuses to offer for their complete lack of service. Let me say that again: COMPLETE LACK OF SERVICE. She informed me that they were very behind in their shipping (DUH!) and asked me if I wanted them to keep the order. I told them that I wanted to know when it would ship, when I would get it and that I’d like it upgraded to priority mail shipping at no cost. “I don’t know what you want from me” Carla said. I was pretty sure I just told her what I wanted – I wanted to be upgraded to priority mail at no cost and I wanted a timeline for shipping and delivery. “No” they said. They couldn’t do that. They couldn’t go out of their way (in such a small way) to make up for completely and utterly screwing up my order. Keep in mind, despite the many excuses they had for BOTH failures to deliver and the fact that they never once called me to tell me that the packages were delayed on their own initiative (both times I had to contact them). I told Carla their unwillingness to go out of their way to make it up to their customers was unfortunate because I had a large student base who often asked me for suppliers and that I could not in good conscience ever recommend them as a supplier. Carla’s professional response? Carla said quite nastily “If you want to retaliate, go ahead!” And then she hung up on me. This my friends, is the level of ‘customer service’ you can expect from Lonnies Inc. If this is what you’re seeking in a supplier, check out If you actually expect customer service, stick to Thompson’s Enamel. They’ve got everything Lonnie’s has and they actually ARE professional, bend over backward to make their customers happy, are educated in the art forms and are happy to offer advice when they can. I have learned a lot from Thompsons just by talking to the rep on the phone – AND they actually deliver their product after you order it. The only recommendation I can give to Lonnie’s Inc is to steer clear of them.


6 thoughts on “Supplier Review: Steer Clear of Lonnie’s Inc.

  1. Thanks so much for the heads up!  There’s enough competition to never have to be talked to like that!  Customer service keeps or loses your business!!


  2. Thank you for the information, it is so hard to order items from the internet, since I am the kind of person who wants to inspect what I buy.
    To have a company have total disregard for their customers is appalling. I will definatly steer clear of them.

  3. Thanks Deila. I had enameling on my ‘to do’ list someday and I’ll steer clear of that supplier when I finally get into that. That was a terrible experience. They definitely have problems and I don’t see them doing so well if they keep it up. Business can dry right up if the company keeps up those bad practices.

  4. Thanks for the info. It is up to us artists to help each other out, and part of that is directing each other to the “good”, warn each other of the “bad”, and shout from the rooftops regarding the “ugly”. Sounds like you got the bad and the ugly in that one. I also have never dealt with that company, but as more and more of my shopping is now on-line, it is good to know from others in the field what their experiences are. I would rather pay more and have good customer service and true help than pay less and get the kind of service you received. Sad that there are still companies out there that are like that. I hope her boss hears of this and addresses the issue of the companies failings.

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