New Line: Stackables!

One of my goals for 2014 is to expand my ring offerings. I’ve just begun to build a new line of mix and matchable, fun and stackable simple but stylish rings at affordable prices. You can buy one at a time, picking just the right ones for you, or buy them in sets and save. I’ll be offering them in a variety of metals, with a variety of embellishments but for now my line begins modestly. They can be collected one ring at a time, or in sets of three or more.

Sterling Silver Rings start at $12 individually:
Buy here:
r ss trio 1

Gold Brass Rings start at $10 individually (rose gold-filled and yellow gold-filled rings to come):
Buy Here:
r brass trio 1

Or pick a pre-arranged set!
Buy here:
r mixed stack 1

Buy here:
R flower stack 1

This line will soon expand to include various other metals including copper in various patinas, rose gold fill and yellow gold. A variety of embellishments from leaves and hearts to stamped and personalized focals on the ring will also be available in the weeks to come. I will also be adding a line of stackable bangles that include both metal and enameled focal elements. Stay tuned. New inspiration ensures many new eye candy offerings to come!


6 thoughts on “New Line: Stackables!

  1. Your rings are beautiful, Delia! In this age of “overstated” jewelry pieces, it is refreshing to see more refinement and uniqueness. Your jewelry is always a cut above the rest and so affordable!

    • Thanks Rita. I try to always have something affordable. I think the stacking rings (and bangles to come) are fabulous to buy in sets, but even those on a very modest budget can afford to collect one or two at a time and eventually have a great collection. I don’t know why I wasn’t doing this before! So far the response has been great – which leaves me eager to expand the line and create more options! Thank you again for the kind words Rita.

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