Rainy Day Sale in Delia’s Etsy Shop 15% & 50% OFF!


On Saturday’s I am usually selling my jewelry at our local Farmers Market, Palafox Market. It’s become a wonderful market not only for our local farmers but for our local artists as well. Nothing has done more to bring our local artists together as a community and to give us a means for making a living doing what we love. I planned to be there today but we were rained out and though a few brave artists weren’t dissuaded by the rain I certainly was. I hope my fellow artists who braved the rain were able to make a few sales today for their efforts. I opted to stay home and work on orders instead. This does give me a great excuse for a rainy day sale, however, so I decided to go for it. I don’t do this very often, so if you’ve had your eye on a piece you’d like to own this weekend is a good opportunity to get a great deal!

When you make a purchase in my Etsy jewelry shop DeliasStones today through Monday, you can use coupon code RAINYDAY to take 15% off of your total purchase. If you prefer to make your own jewelry, you can take 50% off of any tutorial purchase in my Tutorialshop through Monday as well using the same coupon code. Have a great weekend, and if yours is rainy too, I hope you find a pleasurable way to spend it!


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