Delia Stone’s Studio Labor Day Sale! 20% off for jewelry and 50% off for Tutorials!

To celebrate Labor Day I’m offering a 20% off sale to all of my loyal customers, readers and followers to thank you all for making it possible to live my dream. 🙂 You make cyberspace a warm and friendly place. You put food on my table and help me to provide for my family. You encourage me and add fuel to my creative fires! How can I not take the opportunity to show you some love? 🙂

In my Delia Stone’s Studio shop on etsy, you can use code LaborDay14 at checkout to take 20% off of any purchase. Why settle for just one? Christmas is just around the corner and the more you buy the more you save (says the evil sales lady :::wicked laughter:::). Check out my new Cloisonné mini beach scene pendants. You can get them at a steal for this deal. $67 to $75!

mini gld 1

Follow this link to take advantage of the sale on finished jewelry:

If you make your own jewelry, you might be more interested in my Tutorialshop sale on Etsy. You can take 50% off of any purchase by using the same code at checkout: LaborDay14.


Follow this link to take advantage of the sale on tutorials:

Thanks for your patronage and kind encouragement over the years! Wishing you and your family a safe and fun filled weekend together!



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