Changes to Celebrate!

The New Year has brought a lot of changes into my life. With those changes came a move – and a new working space. I have to say that it’s quite an improvement over my ‘garage studio.’   I’m SO excited about my new space! It’s no longer a corner in my garage, which was piled high with every other imaginable kind of household storage items, but a space completely dedicated to me and my trade. It’s a dream come true!

happy me

I was eager to share some pictures with you of my new space, though it’s still a little disorganized (to say the least) so please overlook the mess. I had to start working well before it was even 20% unpacked, which made it a little difficult to unpack in an orderly fashion. I had orders pending and had to get things moving as fast as possible, which was a challenge considering that the move was both home and studio and during school for my three kiddos. Here are a few pics of my half unpacked, chaotic-but-coming-together space. The first bench is my main bench where I solder, fire cloisonné, etc. The bench behind it is my metals bench, where my jewelry press, rolling mill and shaping and forming tools for metal are kept.

main and metals

Under the boxes on the right-hand side were the 2 x 6’s and the 4 x 4’s that my new bench ‘Thor’ were to be built with. What a sturdy bench he would be too!

working end

When it was completed, we dubbed it Thor because it was one awesome, sturdy kick-butt bench! Better yet, the bench was built by hands that love me! A long time friend (now much more than a friend) Stephen, my best friend Jennifer and my beloved son Dakota all chipped in to bring Thor to life!

jen and koka

koka drilling

trio bench

And the final result of their efforts – Thor brought to life!


One end of my new studio is working space, and the other end is for storage and casual space which at this time tends to be play space for my daughters, Hailey and Rhiannon, who frequently spend time with me in the studio while I’m working.

girls fun end

There have been a lot of changes in my life, and all of them are cause to celebrate!

steve and i


5 thoughts on “Changes to Celebrate!

  1. Delia,
    Thanks so much for posting this! I am currently looking into changing my studio around and wanted some tips on what I could do without buying a jeweler’s bench. I need much more room than that and the details and pics in this post were great!
    So happy for the current changes in your life. How exciting!!

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