Again! Stackable Rings Workshop: An Introduction to the Basics of Soldering

My last workshop for stackable rings was so popular it over flowed with sign ups, so much so that we decided to go ahead and schedule another class for this month. Keep in mind that this class is already 75% full due to the overflow of the last class, so don’t dilly-dally about signing up. Claim your seat today by calling Patty at Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry at (850) 490-0310.

This is the perfect workshop for the aspiring jeweler who is ready to venture into the world of metalsmithing. This four hour workshop will introduce you to the basics of soldering which will open up a whole new world of design possibilities for you. In the workshop you learn a variety of skills designed to lead you into the world of metalsmithing.

r mixed stack 1

R flower stack 1

Techniques Covered in this Class:
Using a torch
Cutting and filing metal in preparation for soldering
Annealing metal
Soldering metal
Stretching a ring band
Adding textures
using a flex shaft
adding embellishments

Be sure to reserve your seat because this is a class that is going to fill up FAST! Seats are limited and already going quickly.


Cloisonne Workshop with Delia Stone

After many requests I will be offering my first Cloisonné Workshop this coming Sunday, April 27th at Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry in Milton, Fl. In this long awaited workshop you will learn the basics of cloisonné construction. We will cover many skills in this workshop including, doming a metal disk, enameling on both concave and convex surfaces to prepare the substrate (or metal base), forming a design with fine silver ribbons, adhering the fine silver design wires to the substrate, ‘painting’ with colored enamel, torch firing, grinding and finishing your cloisonné jewel. Most cloisonné is done using a kiln, but the cost of kilns can be cost prohibitive for some while torch firing can be achieved with an inexpensive hand held torch available locally.

Cloisonné is an involved process, taking several hours to make a jewel. It takes repeated ‘painting’ and firing to build the jewel but the results are very rewarding. You will be able to create your own cabochons with creative designs to use in your own settings creating beautiful customized pieces of jewelry. Please note that this class does not cover settings for your pieces. It is focused on the creation of the jewels. The class is $125 and runs from noon to 5:00. Tools and materials are not included. Please contact Patty at Danish Princess at (850) 490-0310 for details on the tools and materials required for the course.
trio clois jewels




jellyfish 3dpi

Keep in mind, if you’d love to use some handmade cloisonné in your own work but aren’t up to learning the process, you can purchase handmade jewels by yours truly in my Etsy shop. Drop in and check some of my offerings!
mermaid and jellyfish
blue fish1

New Line: Stackables!

One of my goals for 2014 is to expand my ring offerings. I’ve just begun to build a new line of mix and matchable, fun and stackable simple but stylish rings at affordable prices. You can buy one at a time, picking just the right ones for you, or buy them in sets and save. I’ll be offering them in a variety of metals, with a variety of embellishments but for now my line begins modestly. They can be collected one ring at a time, or in sets of three or more.

Sterling Silver Rings start at $12 individually:
Buy here:
r ss trio 1

Gold Brass Rings start at $10 individually (rose gold-filled and yellow gold-filled rings to come):
Buy Here:
r brass trio 1

Or pick a pre-arranged set!
Buy here:
r mixed stack 1

Buy here:
R flower stack 1

This line will soon expand to include various other metals including copper in various patinas, rose gold fill and yellow gold. A variety of embellishments from leaves and hearts to stamped and personalized focals on the ring will also be available in the weeks to come. I will also be adding a line of stackable bangles that include both metal and enameled focal elements. Stay tuned. New inspiration ensures many new eye candy offerings to come!

Brag Post! I’m the Featured Artist in the February 2014 Issue of Downtown Pensacola Life!

If you follow me on Facebook you’ve already heard me talking about my excitement at being selected at the Featured Artist for the February 2014 Issue of Downtown Pensacola Life, a publication by Hibu. Well, it’s out! I expected maybe a half page with one or two photos but they far exceeded my hopes and expectations. I received a two page full color spread and I am over the moon! Thanks go out to Theresa Grillo for referring me for the February Artist. I’m going to have to celebrate with a few mojitos tonight! You can find my story on pages 24 and 25 if you’d like to take a peek!

Follow this link to open the digital magazine and go to pages 24 & 25.

Affordable Valentines Gifts by: Delia Stone
$39 in my etsy store.
cupid pearl 1

Mixed Metal Pearl Necklace on sale for $48 Available in my shop:
pearl pagoda3

Make it easy on your lover! Send your valentine over to see your favorites in my shop and get something you have your heart set on:

New Tutorial on the Way: Dragonfly Pendant

It’s a new year! I’ve been threatening for some time now to create some new tutorials so I’ve decided to follow up and make it happen for 2014. Having had many requests for a tutorial for my dragonfly pendant, which incidentally can be adapted to make darling earrings as well, I’ve decided to make that my first new tutorial of 2014. To thank my loyal followers, and new alike, I have decided to give away three copies of the finished tutorial. All that is required is that you follow my blog and leave a comment below. Over 1,000 of you are already halfway there! Thank you for following my blog and subjecting yourself to my ramblings and brag posts. 🙂

dragonfly pendant tut

Of course it is my hope that I will garner a few new followers with this promotion, so I encourage you to share this post through any form of social media of your choice. Mind you, this is not a requirement to qualify for the give away. Just a polite request. Thank you in advance to all who take the time to do so. I’m hoping to have the tut finished by next week. I will have one of my children draw randomly from all the participants to determine the winner. The drawing will take place upon completion of the tutorial so get in before it gets done!

Upcoming Workshops for May

There are some exciting new developments in workshops this month.  Many of you may be aware of my new fascination with enameling – most especially cloisonné enamel.  I include a couple of pictures of some of my most recent favorite cloisonné pieces for your viewing pleasure:

Quantum Koi torch fired Cloisonné Enamel Pendant with matching torch fired beads in sterling silver.


Dancing Mermaid and Dolphin Cloisonne Enamel Pendant with torch fired beads to match.


Having had so much fun in the studio playing in the torch I have decided that the only thing that could be more fun is to teach enameling – which I have decided to do!  My first enameling workshop will be presented at Danish Princess Beads and Gifts on May 31st.  The workshop will be a day long intensive workshop with the morning being an introduction to the immersion method of creating torch fired enamel beads innovated by Barbra Lewis.  Barbara has authorized me to share this method with my students.  This is the first time this method will be taught in the area.  The second half of the workshop will involve using what we’ve learned in the immersion method to create a punched, domed and fired focal element in a no solder copper prong setting.  See pictures and more information listed below for the May 31st workshop at Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry.  Seats are limited


May Workshops:

Border Wrap Pendant Workshop

 Botswana Border Wrap Pendant

May 16th 1:00 -4:00
Location: A Bead and Crystal House 711 W Garden St. Pensacola, FL
Phone: 850-432-3400
COST: $40 materials not included
Tools:  Round Nose, Flush cutters/clippers, Flat Nose Pliers (tools available on loan)

Class Description: Learn the basics of wire wrapping gemstone cabochons in the border wrap setting.  Limited number of seats.  Reserve your seat today by calling 432-3400.

Metal Etching Workshop at Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry

100_8659 b


May 23rd 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry, 5212 Elmira St. Milton, FL
Phone: 850-490-0310
Learn to create a raised design in metal using the metal etching technique.  Transfer intricate designs or draw your own designs as you create a metal cuff bracelet.  Student project is a 6” x 1” copper cuff bracelet but students may utilize their metal portion as they see fit.


Enamel I :Torch Fired Enamel and No Solder Copper Setting Pendant


May 31st 11:00- 5:00 (with a one hour lunch break from 1:00 to 2:00)
Location: A Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry, 5212 Elmira St. Milton, FL
Phone: 850-490-0310
COST: $75 plus materials and tools required.
This  class is a day long intensive that introduces the student to torch fired enameling using the Barbara Lewis immersion method.  Barbara is graciously allowing me to teach this technique to my students for the first time in our area.  This is the perfect introduction to those interested in enameling but who find themselves a little shy of the torch.  This class will be a prerequisite for future enameling classes; II Basics of Traditional Enameling and III Cloisonné Enameling.

Morning session 11:00 to 1:00
The morning will begin with an introduction to the method by creating numerous enameled beads.  This will give you the opportunity to get comfortable with the torch and the immersion method as you create colorful beads that you will treasure to use in your designs.  Learn the advantages of the immersion technique,  how to use the torch, learn about the pros and cons of over firing and how to find what Barbara calls the ‘sweet spot’ in the flame which is the best part of the flame to fire your beads in.  At 1:00 class will break for lunch.  Each student is responsible for providing his or her own lunch.

Example of torch fired enamel beads.
beads crop 1

Afternoon session:
In the afternoon session we will apply what we have learned to an introduction to metal work.  We will create an enameled focal utilizing the Lewis Immersion method and combine that with an introduction to metal work.  We will learn to anneal (or soften) metal with the torch, punch, dome,  texture/forge metal as we create a customized no solder pronged pedant setting for your focal.   This setting is excellent for gemstone cabochons as well.  More information will be forthcoming regarding tools and materials for this workshop.



Angels Garden Art Show September 16th, 17th and 18th 2011

What: 16th Annual Angel’s Garden Art Show, a benefit for Favor House of Pensacola,  sponsored by Angels Garden.
Where:  Located in East Hill on the corner of 12th Avenue and Gonzalez in Pensacola, FL (across from the old Sacred Heart Hospital Building)
When: September 16th (4 p.m. to sunset), 17th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 18th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It’s been a while since I last posted so I thought I would pop in to share some of my latest creations that you can find at the 16th annual Angels Garden Arts Show this weekend.  I’ve been busy in the studio preparing for the fall show season and I have lots of new treasures to help you prepare for the holiday season ahead.  One thing you will see a lot of in my fall designs is beautiful, natural leather!  I have really enjoyed working in this medium and you’ll be seeing a lot more of it from me in the year ahead.  Here’s my first leather and pearl bracelet, which I call my cowgirl wrist-wrap!

Following that inspiration, more leather and pearl bracelets sprang from my workbench!  It was almost impossible to stop myself!

I became obsessed with the soft, supple leather and the sensual feel of the pearls.  Pearls warm to your own skin temperature as you work with or wear them.  They are absolutely the most sensual of all natural beads.

And still more leather and pearls poured from me as I slaved over my bench in August.  It was a lusty summer.  I procduced simple, no fuss leather and pearl bracelets;

Matching bracelet and earrings sets;

Leather and pearl earrings that did or did not match anything at all!

This was my favorite pair of leather and pearl earrings

I combined leather and pearls with fossils such as ammolite to create a lovely necklace;

And Crinoid fossil too!

I combined leather and pearl with some of my favorite metals, such as beautiful rosy bronze;

But don’t fret!  Wire wrap still remains my first love and I’ve created plenty of new items in my preferred medium as well.  There are hoop earrings;

And dangle earrings;

My favorite earring and cuff design ‘Solitude’ which is always a best seller;

Motivated by my featured artists gallery show entitiled ‘Jazzed: An Artistic Showing of Jewelry I created a few pieces with musical themes;

Beautiful green turquoise and oxidized copper are always a winning combination;

Amazing fiery labradorite herringbone earrings;

I’ve enjoyed experimenting with the ancient viking knit weave, and in this case even stuffed it with beads to match the amazing turquoise focal!  I have to say, it’ looks even better since I antiqued the bronze.

There is so much more than I haven’t even begun to photograph yet!  I have been and will be creating furiously at the bench to create wonderful new treasures to share with you.  Please come out and see me.  You know I am always happy to see a friendly face in the crowd!  Mention this blogpost and get 10% off of any purchase (not good on special BOGO offers).  I hope to see you there!