Twilight: Jacobs Tooth Pendant

     Every year at Christmas we have a Crazy Christmas game at the family gathering. Anyone 12 and over can participate. We each throw one present into the pile and draw numbers. Participants select a gift in order of the number drawn – or rather than select a wrapped gift when it’s their turn they can opt to steal a gift from someone who has already opened one. This way, you know what you’re getting and that you really want it and the player you stole from then has to select another unknown from the pile of presents or steal from someone else! Hence it is desirable to get the highest number possible so that your turn comes late in the game.  The best number is the LAST number.

     This year I threw in one of my wrapped wolf tooth pendants. To my surprise it was the most popular gift in the game. It must have been stolen back and forth near (if not more than ) 30 times. I was blown away! Apparently all the young women scrapping for it were fans of the Twilight series. They dubbed the pendant ‘Jacobs Tooth.’ For those of you not familiar with the series, it is in the vampire genre and Jacob is a character who plays a Native American who obtains the ability to morph or shapeshift into a werewolf. The girls are nuts for him! Because the pendant was so popular, with all the fighting over it (there were even tears involved from the younger ones) my mother in law and brother in law finally comissioned a total of 4 (make that 5 as I just received another custom order today)  more pendants just so that we could move forward with the crazy Christmas game – all the scrapping over that pendant must have added 45 minutes to the game. I couldn’t believe it!

     Given the popularity of these pendants I decided to make a few more – this time I used deep red swarovskis to accent it becasue it just seemed like a good idea for a character in a vampire flick – even if he isn’t a vampire.  Ode to Jacob – my neices heart-throb!

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