Cloisonne Workshop with Delia Stone

After many requests I will be offering my first Cloisonné Workshop this coming Sunday, April 27th at Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry in Milton, Fl. In this long awaited workshop you will learn the basics of cloisonné construction. We will cover many skills in this workshop including, doming a metal disk, enameling on both concave and convex surfaces to prepare the substrate (or metal base), forming a design with fine silver ribbons, adhering the fine silver design wires to the substrate, ‘painting’ with colored enamel, torch firing, grinding and finishing your cloisonné jewel. Most cloisonné is done using a kiln, but the cost of kilns can be cost prohibitive for some while torch firing can be achieved with an inexpensive hand held torch available locally.

Cloisonné is an involved process, taking several hours to make a jewel. It takes repeated ‘painting’ and firing to build the jewel but the results are very rewarding. You will be able to create your own cabochons with creative designs to use in your own settings creating beautiful customized pieces of jewelry. Please note that this class does not cover settings for your pieces. It is focused on the creation of the jewels. The class is $125 and runs from noon to 5:00. Tools and materials are not included. Please contact Patty at Danish Princess at (850) 490-0310 for details on the tools and materials required for the course.
trio clois jewels




jellyfish 3dpi

Keep in mind, if you’d love to use some handmade cloisonné in your own work but aren’t up to learning the process, you can purchase handmade jewels by yours truly in my Etsy shop. Drop in and check some of my offerings!
mermaid and jellyfish
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