About Delia’s Stone’s Studio

Welcome wire wrap junkies!  If you love unique wire jewelry and eye candy to die for you will want to visit this site frequently.  This blog will give you a windows view into my studio and all of the wonderous creations that come from it.  You will find inspiration to drive you onward in your quest to create your own lovely pieces of wearable art.  You’ll discover what makes me tick … how I find inspiration for new designs as well as how I work to develop my self as an artist through experimentation.

Please join me in the journey of creation as I work to expand my skill set.  Feedback and questions are welcomed and appreciated.  You can see more of my work and find my instant download tutorials on my website at DeliaStone.com.


6 thoughts on “About Delia’s Stone’s Studio

  1. hola, me encanta todo lo que haces verdaderamente eres una artista, todo los trabajos son hermosisimos, me gustaria algun dia conocer las tecncnias, gracias por compartir tus trabajos por estos medios….mil felicidades

  2. Nathalie,
    Gracias por las amables palabras sobre mi trabajo. Le agradezco su generosidad. Tal vez voy a trabajar en la traducción de algunos de mis tutoriales en otros idiomas español y, posiblemente, también de modo que puedo compartir las técnicas con una audiencia más amplia. Gracias de nuevo

  3. Love the quantum carp and your other work! You’ve encouraged me to take the jump into cloisonne’ and maybe try my hand at a watch dial. BTW, ditto the Lonnie’s experience; mine was in person and amplified. I was very disappointed, as I’d built that up as one of the high points of my visit out there. Plenty of other places with positive energy and service… If you are ever out in the Phoenix area, check out Rockazona! It’s like the Ali Baba’s cave of raw and cut stones and NOS quality tools from yesteryear when they made them right. Dust over everything; some of the things haven’t been moved in decades. The owner is really nice and helpful – once he learned I was from out of town and on my last day, he offered to open outside of his normal hours for me.

    • Bob I’m glad I could help to push you over the edge! lol 🙂 When I first started doing enamels I thought that cloisonné was too far out of the reach for such an inexperienced enamellist as myself but decided that the worst thing that could happen was that I ruined the piece. It seemed like a pretty low risk so I went for it. I am so glad I didn’t let my fear of not being able to pull it off stop me. I enjoy it so much I can’t imagine never having ‘discovered’ it now.
      As for Lonnies, they not only lost a customer they lost a lot of customers that I could have brought to them. The absolute WORST supplier I have ever dealt with. Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate knowing that people out there are actually watching and reading my humble little blog. 🙂

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