New Workshop: Fold Formed Cuff Bracelet

Are you ready for some great therapy in the form of fun? Then you will love my new Fold Formed Cuff Bracelet workshop coming to Danish Princess Beads and Gifts in Milton, FL! Learn the basics of fold forming metal sheet and make your own fold formed bracelet. You can also apply these basic techniques to make fold formed pendants, rings and even beads. A free bonus demo on how to flame paint copper will be included in the class as well. Add a new technique to your tool box for the new year! Seats are limited so make your reservations now!

across trio


Workshop will be held on a Sunday (trying to accommodate my peeps who work weekdays) March 2nd from 1:00 to 5:00. Class fee is $75 for a four hour course. Tools and materials sold separately. Contact Patty at Danish Princess for more information and to reserve your seat before they’re gone at 850-490-0310 Danish Princess is located in Milton, FL at 5212 Elmira St. 32570.

New Work in my shop:


celestial lovers3

New Line: Stackables!

One of my goals for 2014 is to expand my ring offerings. I’ve just begun to build a new line of mix and matchable, fun and stackable simple but stylish rings at affordable prices. You can buy one at a time, picking just the right ones for you, or buy them in sets and save. I’ll be offering them in a variety of metals, with a variety of embellishments but for now my line begins modestly. They can be collected one ring at a time, or in sets of three or more.

Sterling Silver Rings start at $12 individually:
Buy here:
r ss trio 1

Gold Brass Rings start at $10 individually (rose gold-filled and yellow gold-filled rings to come):
Buy Here:
r brass trio 1

Or pick a pre-arranged set!
Buy here:
r mixed stack 1

Buy here:
R flower stack 1

This line will soon expand to include various other metals including copper in various patinas, rose gold fill and yellow gold. A variety of embellishments from leaves and hearts to stamped and personalized focals on the ring will also be available in the weeks to come. I will also be adding a line of stackable bangles that include both metal and enameled focal elements. Stay tuned. New inspiration ensures many new eye candy offerings to come!

Dragonfly Pendant Tut Complete and Winners Announced!

dragonfly pendant tut

First, let me thank all of you for patiently awaiting the release of the dragonfly pendant tutorial. It took a lot longer to complete than I initially hoped. It’s been a while since I released a new tutorial and I’d forgotten how much work creating one actually IS. I wanted to use only the best pictures (which meant in the end that I took over 150 photos to pick from) and be sure that I covered every. single. step. so that anyone could pick up this tut and successfully create a beautiful dragonfly of their own. In the end, though this is a very simple piece to make, I have 21 pages of over 60 detailed pictures and text to walk you through it! I feel safe to say that I believe I have covered all bases.

Now, as promised, three names were drawn from a pool of 57 participants to receive a free copy of the tutorial. Winners have one week to claim their prize. Any unclaimed tutorials will be awarded to the next name drawn from the pot. And the winners are …. :::drum roll please:::

Christine Severson!

Emily Doubleday!

And Debbie Vanill Bobby!

Congrats ladies! Just email me at to claim your free tutorial.

If you did NOT win the free drawing (my condolences – wish I could make everyone a winner!) you can purchase your copy of the tutorial in my Etsy shop here:

Thank you to EVERYONE for your support. I’ve really enjoyed the activity and banter here on my WordPress blog. I look forward to seeing an army of dragonflies on the loose very soon!

Kindest Regards

For My Local Peeps: Have you heard about Red Fish Blue Fish?

There is a new hot spot on Pensacola beach that you’ll want to check out. It’s called Red Fish Blue Fish and it’s a wonderful new restaurant that is located on the water heavy on beachy atmosphere and big on great food. The building is made from old shipping containers in keeping with their ‘repurposed’ theme. The deck area is nice enough but the best seats are out back on the water. From rustic furniture to posh and cushy – you’ll find a spot just right for you. You’ve gotta love this place.


I am very pleased that I will be one of the featured Artists at Red Fish Blue Fish in the month of March. They will be featuring many local artist in their gift shop over the coming year. Next time you’re out on the beach be sure to drop in and see which of your favorite local artists are showcased in the gift shop. It’s a great place to end the day with a warm fire, a beautiful sunset and a cold drink.

fire 1

Brag Post! I’m the Featured Artist in the February 2014 Issue of Downtown Pensacola Life!

If you follow me on Facebook you’ve already heard me talking about my excitement at being selected at the Featured Artist for the February 2014 Issue of Downtown Pensacola Life, a publication by Hibu. Well, it’s out! I expected maybe a half page with one or two photos but they far exceeded my hopes and expectations. I received a two page full color spread and I am over the moon! Thanks go out to Theresa Grillo for referring me for the February Artist. I’m going to have to celebrate with a few mojitos tonight! You can find my story on pages 24 and 25 if you’d like to take a peek!

Follow this link to open the digital magazine and go to pages 24 & 25.

Affordable Valentines Gifts by: Delia Stone
$39 in my etsy store.
cupid pearl 1

Mixed Metal Pearl Necklace on sale for $48 Available in my shop:
pearl pagoda3

Make it easy on your lover! Send your valentine over to see your favorites in my shop and get something you have your heart set on:

Feed Your Muse!


My muse is mysterious and wonton in her ways.  Do not ask me her name.  I do not know it.  She is elusive, fickle and quite severe on some days, cracking her glorious whip – driving me forward without regard for my need for sleep, nutrition, fresh air, etc.   My back aches from leaning over the bench, my wrist from an injury less than a year ago still fresh on my mind, my eyes cross due to sleep deprivation and still she drives me.
I do not direct my Muse.  She directs me.  It is my job to follow, to be slave to her whims and master her desires.  My muse takes me down rabbit holes, where bright ideas are born in the ‘moments’ fire.  Wonderful accidents lead me in a whole different direction than I set out intending to take.  That leads to breakthroughs.  My success is all to her credit.  I am just the vessel that she fills.

So how exactly does one find their muse?  I recently found this article on finding your muse by Alisha Burk and realized that I couldn’t say it any better.  Check it out and let me know if it helps you find your muse. Here is a small excerpt to whet your appetite:

There’s no doubt that the Muse can speak to us through others. But what makes your work original is knowing which influences to use and which to tune out. It’s an interesting life these days: TV (yay!), internet, IPhones, US Weekly (double yay!), check your email, check your texts, voicemail, multi-tasking (boo!), news, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, “Like”, “Unlike”, post, delete, upload, download . . . . .repeat! This constant snowstorm of information clouds my brain. I wake up in the middle of the night wondering about my inbox (I know, it’s totally obsessive!) Where does it end?! Is there an end?

In the middle if this madness, where does our Muse get a chance to speak to us? Can our inspiration sing if its voice is drowned out by all of these digital voices and influences? I mean, it’s great, this new communication, but every blessing brings its own kind of curse! How do we manage this flood without drowning in it? …”

To read the rest of this inspiring article, follow this link :

And by all means, if you are a jewelry artist looking for inspiration, be sure to catch my 50% off sale on all of my tutorials in my Etsy shop. Today is the last day of the sale! Remember to use coupon code Happy2014 at checkout for the discount!

A Peace of the Beach

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my recent cloisonné work. As a matter of fact it’s been a while since I’ve made any. I received a custom order for a special piece from a fellow artist a while back. As consuming as cloisonné work can be, once I go into the cycle I try to create several jewels, usually in the same color scheme (with a little variation here and there). Monika wanted one of my beach scenes to remember her beloved beaches here on the Emerald Coast to take back with her to New Jersey. The beaches are so incredibly beautiful and healing here that it takes little effort to settle into a feeling of absolute peace as you sit upon the white quartz sand being caressed by the breeze and listening to the gulf waters lick the shoreline. Miami boasts the most beautiful beaches in the world – but we actually have them here in the Panhandle. I have direct experience with both and there is absolutely no comparison. That why even though we are a sleepy little town, we are a huge vacation destination for those ‘in the know.’


With Monika’s custom order I finally had a good excuse to carve out some time to create more cloisonné. Knowing that this piece had meaning for Monika I decided to offer to fire some actual beach sand into the sand dunes, to add a piece of the beach to her peace of the beach. I had successfully done this a while back, inspired by the remnants of beach sand left on my children’s beach toys in the corner of the garage. Monika loved the idea of course and ‘Monika’s Peace of the Beach’ was born.


While working on her cloisonné, I created a few others which I’d like to share. Some have been set, but most are unset as of yet. I shared most of these on facebook recently but there are a few that were not shown there at the time. All of the beach scenes have white quartz sand from the Gulf Coast fired into the dunes. Not just any sand mind you, but sand infused with the joy of children playing by the shore. No extra charge for the good vibes. ;) Take notice that I have begun signing my cloisonné jewels where possible. Clever me! :::flutters eyelashes:::

trio clois jewels

island 1

island 2

I also wanted to create another ring with the ‘Peace of the Beach’ theme with the sand fired into the dunes for the ring lovers. This one was just set as I couldn’t stand to wait another moment to see it done. I love it. I made the ring band adjustable so it can fit from size 7 to size 8 1/2.

Peace of the beach Ring

ring 2

One thing that doesn’t seem to show up as beautifully as it is when the piece is in hand are the shimmering waves in the waters. This shot provides a pretty good view of the shimmering waves but still doesn’t capture the full effect. They shimmer like an opal when the jewel moves. Excuse the glare on the jewel. It really is quite tricky to photograph anything glass.

Peace of the beach Ring

I love them all, what do you think?

P.S. Remember my 50% off sale is still going on in my etsy store for all tutorials until Friday. Use code Happy2014 at checkout for the discount. ;)