Preparing for upcoming shows

With the Angel’s Garden New Beginnings Art Show coming up September 10th 11th and 12th in Cordova Square (corner of 12th and Gonzalez in Pensacola, FL) and the Seafood Festival on the 24th, 25th and 26th of September I have been pretty busy in the studio.  I’m introducing a new line of pure copper jewelry for fall and I’ve been creating oodles of lovely bracelets over the last week.  These bracelets are priced to fly off of the table, so  be sure to get out to the show early to snag your favorite! Here’s a peek of some of the lovely bracelets from the copper collection that you can expect to find at upcoming shows:





Vessel Fever: The Viking Vessel.

I am calling it the Viking Vessel because this little treasure was created with creative use of the Viking knit.  That said, however, it does contain some lace making stitches as well.  I used the Viking knit on the sides the neck and the fluted mouth of the tiny vase, but I used a needlelace stitch on the base and on the rounded top.  I integrated pearls into the neck piece to add some elegance.   Finally, I struggled with whether to oxidize or not, but if you know me you know that is a hard thing to resist as I almost feel that no piece is complete until it’s had a LOS patina added – so great is my addiction to the oxidized/antiqued look in wire work!   So… I decided that I would oxidize but I would take a couple of pics before as well.

 I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of this – especially given that it was my first experiment in attempting to use these techniques to create vessels.  Since I began my experiment with vessels I have found myself more and more attracted to the idea of exploring wire sculpture.  My head is swimming with ideas!  I am going to create more of these and add some items of interest in the cage.  My other half and one of my jewelry buddies (Jennifer of Wrapsody Jewlery) suggested a bird as this vessel make them think of an old antique bird cage.  I think it would be lovely with some seashells inside… perhaps a nice nautilus style spiral shell of some kind? 

The first two pics are before I oxidized it.

Free Wire Bead Tutorial by Delia Stone

     Well!  my infatuation with vessels has led me to a fascination with wire beads.  I have enjoyed playing with wire beads so much that I’m having a hard time putting it aside to work on some much needed tutorials.    Finally I decided that if I were going to get any new tuts done that I would need to combine my new addiction with my need to write a tut and that I might just accomplish something!  With that said I have begun the creation of a wire bead tutorial.  I am about half way through with it presently and it should be released soon.


     Now for the really good news!  I have decided to use the tutorial as a promotion for my blog and website – which means that I will be GIVING THE WIRE BEAD TUTORIAL AWAY FOR FREE!   At least for a limited time …  you’ll have to be paying attention to my blog on a daily basis to catch it.  No big deal, just check in once a day and on one of those days you will find it there staring you in the face!  When you do find it, one of the requirements will be that you share it with a friend or friends.  It’s okay to post it in forums, on your facebook, myspace, send a link via email to a buddy, etc.  Just as long as you share my blog with others, I will gladly share the technique for making your own wire beads with you! 

     There will only be a short window to aquire the tutorial for free, so don’t miss it!    Keep an eye out on my blog for this great give away! 

Thanks for watching!

Wire Sampler Bracelet

I was just dying to use my first wire bead to create a finished peice of jewelry.  I considered making a full length necklace but ultimately opted for this lovely wire sampler bracelet.   It turned out so well that I decided to create a ‘build a braclet’ on my website.  It will be up and running soon.  Presently I am working on cranking out as many unique embellished beads and handmade wire beads as I can to provide a large selection of beads that customers can choose from to build their own lovely braclets.  I will post an announcement as soon as the page is operational!

Look for an announcement soon and YOU can be the designer.  Build a custom bracelet for yourself or design custom braclets for your loved ones for gifts of every kind – including Christmas gifts with a personal and handmade touch!

Green Corn Pendant Tutorial by: Delia Stone

This lesson shows how to create a pendant using what I call the Green Corn stitch. The lesson begins with a simple two row stitch perfect for semi flat objects with a slight graduation in size (such as the claw pendant) and also covers more advanced variations of this stitch suitable to more rounded objects (such as the ivory colored coral pendant on the finished necklace).

 You will learn how to adapt this simple two row stitch to have four or more rows as you see fit. It includes problem solving tips such as what to do in the event that you run out of wire before completing your project.

Please note that in this tutorial I will walk you through making both objects in picture number four (the nearly crescent shaped wolfs tooth and the larger ivory colored coral). The technique illustrated on the crescent shaped wolfs tooth is executed exactly the same way for the claw pendant. I simply do not have another claw to use so I opted to illustrate with the wolfs tooth instead.

If you have any questions, please email me before purchasing the tutorial and I will be happy to respond a.s.a.p.

Price: $12.00

Materials Required:
              3′ of 26 gauge dead soft sterling silver round wire
  • 1 tooth/claw/other object. I am using a wolfs tooth that is approx 40mm x 15mm

Tool List:

  • Wire clippers
  • Round nose pliers

Find this tutorial on my website: