A Peace of the Beach

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my recent cloisonné work. As a matter of fact it’s been a while since I’ve made any. I received a custom order for a special piece from a fellow artist a while back. As consuming as cloisonné work can be, once I go into the cycle I try to create several jewels, usually in the same color scheme (with a little variation here and there). Monika wanted one of my beach scenes to remember her beloved beaches here on the Emerald Coast to take back with her to New Jersey. The beaches are so incredibly beautiful and healing here that it takes little effort to settle into a feeling of absolute peace as you sit upon the white quartz sand being caressed by the breeze and listening to the gulf waters lick the shoreline. Miami boasts the most beautiful beaches in the world – but we actually have them here in the Panhandle. I have direct experience with both and there is absolutely no comparison. That why even though we are a sleepy little town, we are a huge vacation destination for those ‘in the know.’


With Monika’s custom order I finally had a good excuse to carve out some time to create more cloisonné. Knowing that this piece had meaning for Monika I decided to offer to fire some actual beach sand into the sand dunes, to add a piece of the beach to her peace of the beach. I had successfully done this a while back, inspired by the remnants of beach sand left on my children’s beach toys in the corner of the garage. Monika loved the idea of course and ‘Monika’s Peace of the Beach’ was born.


While working on her cloisonné, I created a few others which I’d like to share. Some have been set, but most are unset as of yet. I shared most of these on facebook recently but there are a few that were not shown there at the time. All of the beach scenes have white quartz sand from the Gulf Coast fired into the dunes. Not just any sand mind you, but sand infused with the joy of children playing by the shore. No extra charge for the good vibes. 😉 Take notice that I have begun signing my cloisonné jewels where possible. Clever me! :::flutters eyelashes:::

trio clois jewels

island 1

island 2

I also wanted to create another ring with the ‘Peace of the Beach’ theme with the sand fired into the dunes for the ring lovers. This one was just set as I couldn’t stand to wait another moment to see it done. I love it. I made the ring band adjustable so it can fit from size 7 to size 8 1/2.

Peace of the beach Ring

ring 2

One thing that doesn’t seem to show up as beautifully as it is when the piece is in hand are the shimmering waves in the waters. This shot provides a pretty good view of the shimmering waves but still doesn’t capture the full effect. They shimmer like an opal when the jewel moves. Excuse the glare on the jewel. It really is quite tricky to photograph anything glass.

Peace of the beach Ring

I love them all, what do you think?

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Finally! The Necklace is Complete

I am sooooo happy to have completed this piece at last! I do not think I have ever agonized so much over finishing the clasp of any piece before as I have this one. I settled on an adjustable toggle with lace work embellishments and a few Colorado topaz crystal stitched in for a little bling. It can be worn in five different lengths; 15″, 15 3/4″, 17″, 17 3/4″ and 19″. It will compliment any neckline in Elizabeth’s wardrobe. Elizabeth is one lucky lady if I do say so myself! This is one of my masterpieces, IMHO (yeah, real humble, eh? lol). I am so proud to add this to my portfolio.

And a detail of the clasp (click to enlarge)

If this necklace wasn’t spoken for I would have kept it in my private collection. I shall hate to see it go so soon …. :::sigh::: I will be getting some better pictures before it’s gone!

YOJ Wk 3: Work in Progress

This is a work in progress that I wanted to make my entry for the Year of Jewelry Project this week. I had hoped to have the clasp worked out by now so that I could have a completed picture to share with you … but that will have to wait. Hopefully within the next day or two I can share a picture of a completed project. However, I decided to not let that stop me from using it as my YOJ entry.

This piece was inspired by a bracelet I made for Connie back in the early fall of 2010.

When a lady by the name of Elizabeth saw a picture of this bracelet in my portfolio at a recent art show she asked me to make her a necklace. I could hardly believe that I had not thought of making a necklace before. I loved the bracelet that I had made for Connie so much. A necklace was the natural thing to do next … and so I found myself quite excited to begin working on this peice. I am so happy to have two such lovely peices in my portfolio.

Elizabeth is a very petite woman with a slender and graceful neck. I decided that I wanted to add an adjustable back on it to be sure that she can wear it with any neckline in a manner that is flattering to her. That’s my dilemma just now … working out that darned adjustable back. It has to be something special – no simple chains. When I have worked it out I’ll be back to share completed pictures.

Thanks for looking.

A Gift for my Dear MIL

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a mother-in-law as great as I have. It’s no secret that many people (men and women alike) often have a fair amount of MIL angst. Toni (whom I affectionately call Meme) is kind, caring, fun and just too darned easy to get along with. In short, she’s a gem. I made her this special necklace for Christmas to ‘show some love’ as they say. It’s oxidized silver with a great piece of fossilized palm root as the focal. It’s on a handmade filigree chain embellished with Colarado Topaz Swarovski and tiny freshwater pearls.

Envioius Eudialyte

     I recently had the honor of creating a special necklace for a friend and fellow artisan in Germany by the name of Cat.  Cat is a very talented wire artist herself.   She selected a very fine piece of Eudialyte, a deep magenta glassy stone that I have fallen head over hills for.   It was a pleasure creating this beautiful necklace for Cat and I thank her for honoring me with this comission.

      The handmade filigree chain was embellished with tiny faceted rubies and freshwater pearls.  The finished piece was then antiqued and hand polished to bring out the detail in the wire work.  I was very proud of this creation and hated to see it fly away so quickly but glad to know it is going to a home where it will be loved and appreicated. 🙂

Be sure to click on the images for the detailed view:

Wire Sampler Bracelet

I was just dying to use my first wire bead to create a finished peice of jewelry.  I considered making a full length necklace but ultimately opted for this lovely wire sampler bracelet.   It turned out so well that I decided to create a ‘build a braclet’ on my website.  It will be up and running soon.  Presently I am working on cranking out as many unique embellished beads and handmade wire beads as I can to provide a large selection of beads that customers can choose from to build their own lovely braclets.  I will post an announcement as soon as the page is operational!

Look for an announcement soon and YOU can be the designer.  Build a custom bracelet for yourself or design custom braclets for your loved ones for gifts of every kind – including Christmas gifts with a personal and handmade touch!

Netted Tigers Eye … a custom piece.

This is a custom order I did for the local bead shop here in town. I really like the way it turned out. The photos aren’t the greatest as the lighting was just too bright this morning when I was taking them. I really liked the way the bail turned out on this one. It integrates so well that it appears seamless with the pendant. I am glad I left the bail plain on this one … I don’t think I would have been as happy with it otherwise.

This peice can be found at the Bead and Crystal House on West Garden Street in Pensacola, Florida.