Black Friday Creative Retreat …

I hope that everyone had as great a Thanksgiving as me and mine had.   The in-laws went to Breckenridge for the holiday and so we opted for a nice quiet family Thanksgiving at home.  We really had a great time.  Jay set the mood with music and holiday scented candles and we worked together as a family to make dinner.  Nonnie enjoyed helping with the green bean casserole and shucking corn.  She is such a good helper.  I will enjoy that while it lasts. 🙂

We sipped on spiked cider, sang holiday songs, and  had some wholesome quality time together as a family.  There was a feeling of love and peace in the air all day.   It was a Thanksgiving that I think I will always be thankful for.  Let there be no doubt what I am most thankful for in my life …

Dakota, Nonnie and Hailey. 🙂  They are the three greatest treasures I have ever known in my life.

I braved the traffic on Black Friday to do a bit of Christmas shopping.  It was stressful of course, but I returned home safely and retreated to the comfort of the studio.  While I sawed and filed on the product of my first etched metal experiments (quite fun, btw) Jay was researching the various ways that people around the world celebrate Christmas, or the likeness thereof.   Here are some pics of my metal etchings, along with a cup of spirited cider in the background.  Yum!  I decided to make a test sheet with random stuff on it and my sheet metal wasn’t big enough to make full cuffs, so I made half cuffs.  I have the basic ‘eveyone’s gotta try it’ spiral pattern, a grove of trees and a piece that I was trying to make look somewhat modernized – but my kids insist that it looks like a building because the squares make them think of windows.   You’ll also notice that I was playing around with the idea of creating signature tags to include on pieces that I would like to sign.  The idea is worth some merit and I will continue to experiment with it.

My charming other half made us some MORE hot spiced cider with a little MORE  bourbon.  Gotta love him! 🙂  We then broke out the Christmas Tree and had fun decorating the tree.  This is the first Christmas tree that Hailey has really ‘been aware’ of and of course her first priority was to taste test the ornaments. 

After the fun of decorating the tree was over everyone went off into their little corners to do their own thing.  The girls went to play with their dolls, Dakota went to the game room to play video games, Jay broke out his favorite computer games and I returned to the studio to drill my etched pieces to make bracelets out of them. I decided to make them half cuffs with wire and bead backs with the simplest of clasps.  Nothing too fancy, but a lot of fun to make.  While I was taking photos of the etched metal, I got some photos of  some other bracelets I made recently.

All in all it was a good holiday weekend.


Playing Catch Up

Life has been a flurry of activity lately and it’s been difficult for me to keep up with my website and blog.   I am giving forth a serious effort at the moment to get things all caught up.  I have made several changes to my website, adding updates as well as changing my online store set up once again.  I have integrated my Etsy shop with my personal website.  The new system makes for a much more user friendly shopping cart.  Please stop in to check it out.  There’s also a number of new peices and even more yet to come for the holiday shopping season!  Check it out:   Oh yes, and did I mention that you’ll find some serious savings for the holidays?   To entice you in, I’m adding a few of my recent creations to tempt you with!   Enjoy the eye candy.

Awards for the Fall Season

     I am happy to report that I was the fortunate recipient of a couple of awards from fall shows.  At Williams Station Day in Atmore, Alabama I won an Award of Merit in the fine arts cagegory for the work in my exhibition:

     And I am very pleased to announce that my beloved Marth-ra pendant, Winged Thing number three, is now an award winning piece!  She won an Award of Excellence at the prestigous Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival.  This was a huge thrill as the competition there is always stiff.   There are so many talented artist at this show I am sure that deciding who gets an award is a challenge for the judges.  I feel blessed to have been among those honored.

      In total I won three awards this year.  I am greatful for the encouragement this brings me.   It makes me want to move forward with my experimentation and continue to create more advanced peices.  I cannot wait to see what next year will bring.

Published in The Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2010!

     I was just browsing the net and went to renew my subscription to my favorite magazine, Step by Step Wire Jewlery (Interweave Press), when I saw that they now have their Best of 2010 special publication available.  As I read over the content I realized that they have included my needlelace caged pendant in this issue!  It’s always exciting to be published in any form.  I even get excited over reprints, ad features, and gallery page inclusions. 🙂 

     If you haven’t already purchased my needlelace caged pendant (think netted wire work techniques) then this is the opportunity for you to pick it up, along with a virtual plethora of 34 other excellent jewelry making projects all for one low price: $14.99  This really is a fantasic deal, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it! 🙂

     If you’re interested, check out their website  to view more of the projects included in this issue and for more information on how to get your copy!  Click Here.