January 2013 Workshops

January 2013 Newsletter

     As the New Year rolls around it’s all about workshops once again.  This January and February I am offering a wide variety of workshops, including a few new workshops never offered before.  This is the perfect time to expand your skill set, post holidays as life settles back to a normal pace, the kids go back to school and you have time to dedicate to furthering your skill set.  Whether you’re preparing for the coming show season ahead, or just enjoying adding a new feather to your crafty cap I’m here to help!  Check out the offerings below and be sure to reserve your seat a.s.a.p.  Please note that classes that do not meet with the required number of students face cancellation.

January Workshops

     Reminders for workshops:  While I certainly understand that last minute emergencies crop up that cannot be helped, Please, no last minute cancellations if at all possible.  Give no less than a days notice as a basic courtesy as if the registration drops below the required number of students it gives us time to cancel and notify the other students who are signed up of the cancellation.

Coming next month: February 2 – 3: Emerald Coast Bead Society Retreat

     Two workshops will be presented; Variations on a Ring and Border Wrapped Pendant.  If you plan to attend my workshops at the retreat please contact me if you wish to purchase a kit for your project.   Kits come in copper only.  If you prefer a different material you must provide it yourself.  Please reserve your kit in advance by emailing me at Workshops@DeliaStone.com or for a list of material and tools.

January 7th: Metal Etching 101 at Crystal Studios


Cost:  $45 all materials included
Date:  January 7th, 2013 1:00 – 4:00
Location: Crystal Studios
926 East Lloyd (corner of 10th and Lloyd in East Hill) Pensacola, FL   Phone: 850-466-5521
Call today to reserve your seat!  Please be advised that preregistration is REQUIRED to ensure that I have enough materials for all participants.  Classes that fail to meet the minimum number of students required will be cancelled.

Learn to etch your own hand drawn designs on copper sheet to create a raised design, similar to embossing but with a wider range of possibilities.  This technique also lends itself well to glass enameling work for the more advanced jewelry artists for use in Champlevé designs.  In this class you will create a six inch by one inch cuff bracelet with a design of your choosing.  You will have the option to either add an antique patina to your piece once completed or to add patina paints to add depth and color to your designs.
Tools required: Vintage sanding block (available for purchase on site for approximately $4).
Materials: included in the cost of the class

January 10th:  Embellished Hoops @ Danish Princess  1:00 to 4:00

Embellished Hoops

     Learn how to create your own hoop earrings and add visual interest by hand coiling and embellishing them with beads of your choice.  These versatile hoops dress up or down depending on your mood.

Date: January 10th, 2013 1:00 – 4:00
Cost: $35
Location: Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry
5212 Elmira St. Milton, FL  Phone: 850-490-0310  Call to reserve your seat today.
Tools: Steel bench block, chasing hammer, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, clippers and wooden dowel or mandrel approximately as big around as a quarter (instructor will have dowels to share).
Materials: 18 gauge wire, 26 gauge wire, approximately 44 3mm to 4mm beads.

January 12th: Wire Bead Workshop @ Danish Princess
Wire Bead Tut Promo pic

      Learn to make your own wire beads to incorporate into your designs.  These beads make great detailed elements to add interests to your wire work designs and are relatively easy to create.  After getting the basics down in this class, you can explore variations and embellishments to add even more visual interest.

Cost: $35
Location:  Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry
5212 Elmira St. Milton, FL  Phone: 850-490-0310  Call today to reserve your seat!
Date: January 12th  1:00 – 4:00
Tools Required: Round nose/rosary pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, Clippers, T Pin
Materials: 16 gauge wire, 26 gauge wire

January 15th: Leather and Pearl Adjustable Bracelet


Leather and Pearls are all the rage right now.  Often referred to as the ‘casual couture’ style of the fashion world, its popularity is growing.  Learn to create this attractive Leather and Pearl Bracelet using leather and large hole pearls.  Its clever design is adjustable to fit any wrist.
Date: January 15th  1:00 – 4:00
Location: A Bead and Crystal House 711 West Garden St. Pensacola, FL  Phone: 432-3400  Call today to reserve your seat.

January 17th: Viking Knit Cap Pendant @ A Bead and Crystal House


Learn how to create a Viking knitted cap for pendants using in this workshop, an original adaptation of this technique exclusive to Delia Stone.  Begins and ends differently than the standard Viking knit but maintains all the beautiful detail that has made Viking knit so popular over the centuries.

Cost: $40
Date: January 17th, 1:00 to 4:00
Location: A Bead and Crystal House 711 West Garden St. Pensacola, FL  Phone: 850-432-3400  Call to reserve your seat today.
Tools: round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, clippers, Needle nosed pliers, T Pin.
Materials:  Tapered, semi round object or claw shaped focal (pendant sized), 26 gauge wire, small 3 to 4mm bead for optional embellishment (not shown).

January 21st:  Findings 101 at Crystal Studios 1:00 to 3:00

Learn to create basic findings in this workshop, including: various styles of ear wires, clasps, head pins, simple chains, bails for drilled cabochons, etc.  You can add detail and value to your handmade designs with your own handmade findings.  This workshop includes a very basic introduction to torch work.
Cost: $35
Date: January 21st 1:00 – 3:00
Location:   Crystal Studios
926 East Lloyd (corner of 10th and Lloyd in East Hill) Pensacola, FL   Phone: 850-466-5521
Tools:  Steel bench block, chasing hammer, round nose/rosary pliers, clippers, wooden dowels in various sizes (available on loan) Coiling Gizmo (optional).
Materials: 16 gauge wire, 18 gauge wire, 20 gauge wire, 22 gauge wire, 24 & 26 gauge wire optional.

January 28th: Dragonfly Pendant Workshop @ Crystal Studios
dragonfly pendant

     Everyone loves dragonflies!  Now you can learn to make this beautiful hand forged Dragonfly Pendant embellished with colored jewels!  While I rate this class as an intermediate jewelry lesson beginners are welcomed.
Date:  January 28th 1:00 to 4:00
Cost: $35 materials not included.
Location:  Crystal Studios 926 E. Lloyd St. Pensacola, FL
Tools:  Steel Bench Block, Chasing Hammer, Clippers , Round Nose/Rosary Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers
Materials; 16 gauge wire, dead soft temper, 26 gauge wire, dead soft temper, 3 – 4mm Swarovski or other beads of choice, 1 – 7mm to 15mm briolette tear drop bead