Tips on Expanding Your Skill Set

This page will offer short articles from time to time to help you develop yourself as an artist. 


5 thoughts on “Tips on Expanding Your Skill Set

  1. Will you be having a workshop on metal work anytime soon? If not can you recommend somewhere, also I am wanting to learn how to work with PMC if you know anyone.
    Thank you, Pam Maygarden

    • Hi Pam,
      Presently I do not know of any metal working classes in my area other than the classes at Pensacola State College. Doug Reiser is teaching jewelry 1 and jewelry 2, both college credit courses, and you will learn a great deal about cold connections, soldering, enameling, etc. through those courses. Check it out. I took Jewlery 1 many years back and enjoyed it very much.

  2. I tried the etching but did not work for me .I miexed my own and tried on a piece of steel sheet metal all it did was turn it black when i rinse it off there wa no etching even the permenant marker had erased any suggestions?

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