Again! Stackable Rings Workshop: An Introduction to the Basics of Soldering

My last workshop for stackable rings was so popular it over flowed with sign ups, so much so that we decided to go ahead and schedule another class for this month. Keep in mind that this class is already 75% full due to the overflow of the last class, so don’t dilly-dally about signing up. Claim your seat today by calling Patty at Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry at (850) 490-0310.

This is the perfect workshop for the aspiring jeweler who is ready to venture into the world of metalsmithing. This four hour workshop will introduce you to the basics of soldering which will open up a whole new world of design possibilities for you. In the workshop you learn a variety of skills designed to lead you into the world of metalsmithing.

r mixed stack 1

R flower stack 1

Techniques Covered in this Class:
Using a torch
Cutting and filing metal in preparation for soldering
Annealing metal
Soldering metal
Stretching a ring band
Adding textures
using a flex shaft
adding embellishments

Be sure to reserve your seat because this is a class that is going to fill up FAST! Seats are limited and already going quickly.


I’ve Got the Summer Blues

Recently, I’ve been totally captivated by the blues. Not low vibe depressing blues – rather bright, fun, SUMMER’S HERE kind of blues! I’m sure that was inspired by the lovely sleeping beauty turquoise I recently got in. It’s so very enchanting to me. Serene and uplifting all at once. It leaves me wanting to feel the sand between my toes, the sun at my back, the sunglasses on my face and a cold Pensacola Bushwacker in my hand. Let’s just say I was inspired and wanted to share the results of my inspiration.

I really adore this first piece. It’s one of my favorites to date. Another piece from my ‘Peace of the Beach’ line with real sand from the Florida Gulf Coast (collected from my children’s sand castle toys after our last beach adventure) fired into the sand dunes. The fine silver cloisonné jewel came out perfect (if I do say so myself) and the hand-forged chain includes the most incredible dreamy blue sleeping beauty turquoise ever! I am in love with this shade of blue. It’s a perfect compliment to the beryl blue waters in the cloisonné jewel.

Peace of the Beach

Peace of the Beach

bsc 2

bsc 1

bcs 4

You may remember my Blue Fish Jewel from a few months back. I finally decided to transform him from jewel to jewelry. I’m hooked on that sleeping beauty turquoise. Have I mentioned that? First the jewel before it was set.
Blue Fish

blue fish 6

blue fish 3

blue fish 7

Of course, I had to make some earrings and rings with it too.
sbt set best

Fine Silver Enameled Earrings

Ring and Earrings

One that I REALLY loved that went very quickly was my Mermaid’s Dance. I also made this jewel several months back and waited for the proper inspiration to strike to set it. I just didn’t have the vision back then, but it recently came to me and I love the way it turned out. Big shout out to Doretha of Dr. Meow Jewelry for loving it as much as I did and snapping it up before I decided to keep it for myself! I am always complimented when a talented jeweler collects one of my pieces – and Doretha is a VERY talented jeweler! So here’s the jewel before it was set:
Mermaids Dance Jewel

And here’s the jewel after it was set. I didn’t get a picture of the chain she was on, but it’s the same style of hand-forged chain as above, only with small freshwater pearls in place of the turquoise shown in the other pictures. I love how it turned out, don’t you?
mer dance2

Mermaid's Dance

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