YOJ Wk 7: Gods and Goddesses Freya

     Well I have to say that I am a bit disappointed in myself this past week.  I have been looking forward to the Freya theme for weeks but when it arrived I just could not wrap my mind around it.  My Muse has been MIA for the past week.  Don’t get me wrong , I’ve made plenty of stuff, but really just on auto pilot if you know what I mean.  I haven’t created anything that really excited me … and worse yet I bombed on the one theme I was so excited about.  I made no lovely tributes to Freya. 
     I can share some of the pretties that I did create this week, however, which for someone who was feeling uninspired was pretty productive I think.  You decide.

I made several herringbone bracelets.  I always enjoy making herringbone bracelets.  It’s like a meditation for me.  I have made so many of them I don’t have to even think about it anymore.  My hands stay busy and my mind wanders off into alpha land.  It’s a nice place to be.  🙂

 I have also been enjoying creating this style of textured circle drop earrings lately.  I’ve been trying to create some simple items, such as earrings, that I can wholesale to galleries and boutiques.  These were the first ones I came up with.  I put some of these in the gallery here in Pensacola and they began to move immediately.  I am working to create them in several colors of Swarovski.  This week I added this black pair to the batch.

I also made a sterling silver and garnet filigree cross necklace and added it to a delicate 16 inch chain.  This looks great in person thanks to the LOS patina I added.  I really like the way this turned out


I also decided to create a cuff-lett to compliment my Solitude Earrings.  I really love this series and plan to make it available for wholesale too.  If you’re just tuning in and you’d like to know why I love this series so much click HERE.  It will tell you a little bit about the meditation that the design came from.

     This cuff bracelet looks really good in hand.  The pictures just really don’t do it justice.

     And last but not least… well, I haven’t made one of these in ages and apparently I’ve gotten a lot better at it!  This fibula eye glass holder turned out to be so lovely.  Very elegant.  You just pin it to your jacket, lapel or blouse and when you are not using your reading glasses just slide the arm through the little loop and you will never have to run to fetch your glasses in the other room again.  You will always have them on you – literally!  This is a wonderful re-discovery for me as I am, for the first time in my life, finding myself dependant on reading glasses for small print and fine details in my jewelry.

    In addition I also created more earrings but haven’t yet made ear wires for them and it seemed a waste of energy to photograph them without the wires … so I’ll save those for my next post. 🙂  Thanks for being a loyal reader.


YOJ Wk 7: Black and White by Delia Stone

Not on theme this week, just following my bliss. I’ve been saying for a while that I needed to make one of these necklaces in basic black, and so I finally did! Nothing too fancy, in fact many of you may notice that I’ve scaled down the filigree work and kept it to a single, simple filigree element at the focal point.

I also finally created a chain for my lovely rainbow labradorite pendant that I netted up a couple of months back.

I also scored a new piece of Eudialyte, not quite as glassy as the last, but I still love the raspberry pink of this stone. I made a simple filgree chain for it as well … I’m thinking, I may have to keep this one for myself. 🙂

YOJ Wk 6: Braided Wire Ring by Delia Stone

Well, I did it! I took the plunge and made my first sterling silver wire braided ring. This time I used 10 wires instead of 6 wires to make a fuller band. I think that the more wires you’re working with the more any tiny flaws are going to show up. I am happy with the way it turned out though … and fortunately I was able to make it a perfect fit for ME! 🙂

In case you missed it, and you’d like to see it, I have pictures of my first attempt at wire braider (six wires in copper) here: First Braided Wire Ring.

YOJ Wk 5: Romatic Rose Quartz Drop Necklace by Delia Stone

I made two necklaces with filigree focals, one with a lovely rainbow moonstone and the other with a facted rose quartz drop. It was difficult to decide which one to post on the YOJ blog, but I chose the rose quartz (hence the title) because it was so photogenic. The rainbow moonstone is something lovely to behold too though. I am including pictures of both here on my blog for your viewing pleasure.

It doesn’t even come close to matching this weeks theme of ‘Down and Dirty’ but I like it anyway. 🙂

YOJ Wk 4: Fading Autumn Earrings

I made several things this week and had a hard time deciding what to use for my YOJ weekly entry. Ultimately I decided on the thing I liked the most – these earrings. They are made with beautiful red creek jasper and goldfill wire on post earrings. I love the colors in these stones. If these beauties don’t sell quickly I will be tempted to snatch them up for myself!

Throughout the week I created many pieces. Many were rushed straight off to Blue Morning Gallery for Pensacola’s Gallery Night and never got photograped. I did, however, snap a few quick pictures of a couple of them before they were wisked away.

First, a border wrapped Ammonite fossil pendant in goldfill on a high quality 4mm dark brown leather cord.

And finally, something wild! I know this piece would have best suited the ‘wild and wicked’ theme for the week better, but I really wanted to show those colorful earrings off in the YOJ journal. This piece is actually not a tooth despite appearances. It is a piece of polished tigers coral. Tiger coral is generally banded with brown rings but this piece was tumbled until the surface was totally smooth and the bands were buffed away in the process. I captured the focal piece in my signature Green Corn Stitch (for tutorial, click HERE) The result is that it looks like a large enamel tooth – and makes for an interesting necklace.

Finally! The Necklace is Complete

I am sooooo happy to have completed this piece at last! I do not think I have ever agonized so much over finishing the clasp of any piece before as I have this one. I settled on an adjustable toggle with lace work embellishments and a few Colorado topaz crystal stitched in for a little bling. It can be worn in five different lengths; 15″, 15 3/4″, 17″, 17 3/4″ and 19″. It will compliment any neckline in Elizabeth’s wardrobe. Elizabeth is one lucky lady if I do say so myself! This is one of my masterpieces, IMHO (yeah, real humble, eh? lol). I am so proud to add this to my portfolio.

And a detail of the clasp (click to enlarge)

If this necklace wasn’t spoken for I would have kept it in my private collection. I shall hate to see it go so soon …. :::sigh::: I will be getting some better pictures before it’s gone!

YOJ Wk 3: Work in Progress

This is a work in progress that I wanted to make my entry for the Year of Jewelry Project this week. I had hoped to have the clasp worked out by now so that I could have a completed picture to share with you … but that will have to wait. Hopefully within the next day or two I can share a picture of a completed project. However, I decided to not let that stop me from using it as my YOJ entry.

This piece was inspired by a bracelet I made for Connie back in the early fall of 2010.

When a lady by the name of Elizabeth saw a picture of this bracelet in my portfolio at a recent art show she asked me to make her a necklace. I could hardly believe that I had not thought of making a necklace before. I loved the bracelet that I had made for Connie so much. A necklace was the natural thing to do next … and so I found myself quite excited to begin working on this peice. I am so happy to have two such lovely peices in my portfolio.

Elizabeth is a very petite woman with a slender and graceful neck. I decided that I wanted to add an adjustable back on it to be sure that she can wear it with any neckline in a manner that is flattering to her. That’s my dilemma just now … working out that darned adjustable back. It has to be something special – no simple chains. When I have worked it out I’ll be back to share completed pictures.

Thanks for looking.