YOJ Wk 4: Fading Autumn Earrings

I made several things this week and had a hard time deciding what to use for my YOJ weekly entry. Ultimately I decided on the thing I liked the most – these earrings. They are made with beautiful red creek jasper and goldfill wire on post earrings. I love the colors in these stones. If these beauties don’t sell quickly I will be tempted to snatch them up for myself!

Throughout the week I created many pieces. Many were rushed straight off to Blue Morning Gallery for Pensacola’s Gallery Night and never got photograped. I did, however, snap a few quick pictures of a couple of them before they were wisked away.

First, a border wrapped Ammonite fossil pendant in goldfill on a high quality 4mm dark brown leather cord.

And finally, something wild! I know this piece would have best suited the ‘wild and wicked’ theme for the week better, but I really wanted to show those colorful earrings off in the YOJ journal. This piece is actually not a tooth despite appearances. It is a piece of polished tigers coral. Tiger coral is generally banded with brown rings but this piece was tumbled until the surface was totally smooth and the bands were buffed away in the process. I captured the focal piece in my signature Green Corn Stitch (for tutorial, click HERE) The result is that it looks like a large enamel tooth – and makes for an interesting necklace.


Gallery Night in Pensacola Tonight!

Are you planning to join your neighbors for Gallery Night in historic downtown Pensacola, Florida? It’s happening tonight from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy a little fine art, great music and a spirited drink or two in a family atmosphere. Don’t miss it! While you’re out and about please stop by and see me and the many other talented artists of Blue Morning Gallery.

Blue Morning Gallery – click for map, location, phone number and gallery hours.

Finally! The Necklace is Complete

I am sooooo happy to have completed this piece at last! I do not think I have ever agonized so much over finishing the clasp of any piece before as I have this one. I settled on an adjustable toggle with lace work embellishments and a few Colorado topaz crystal stitched in for a little bling. It can be worn in five different lengths; 15″, 15 3/4″, 17″, 17 3/4″ and 19″. It will compliment any neckline in Elizabeth’s wardrobe. Elizabeth is one lucky lady if I do say so myself! This is one of my masterpieces, IMHO (yeah, real humble, eh? lol). I am so proud to add this to my portfolio.

And a detail of the clasp (click to enlarge)

If this necklace wasn’t spoken for I would have kept it in my private collection. I shall hate to see it go so soon …. :::sigh::: I will be getting some better pictures before it’s gone!

YOJ Wk 3: Work in Progress

This is a work in progress that I wanted to make my entry for the Year of Jewelry Project this week. I had hoped to have the clasp worked out by now so that I could have a completed picture to share with you … but that will have to wait. Hopefully within the next day or two I can share a picture of a completed project. However, I decided to not let that stop me from using it as my YOJ entry.

This piece was inspired by a bracelet I made for Connie back in the early fall of 2010.

When a lady by the name of Elizabeth saw a picture of this bracelet in my portfolio at a recent art show she asked me to make her a necklace. I could hardly believe that I had not thought of making a necklace before. I loved the bracelet that I had made for Connie so much. A necklace was the natural thing to do next … and so I found myself quite excited to begin working on this peice. I am so happy to have two such lovely peices in my portfolio.

Elizabeth is a very petite woman with a slender and graceful neck. I decided that I wanted to add an adjustable back on it to be sure that she can wear it with any neckline in a manner that is flattering to her. That’s my dilemma just now … working out that darned adjustable back. It has to be something special – no simple chains. When I have worked it out I’ll be back to share completed pictures.

Thanks for looking.

Fun With Fibulas!

I’ve been saying for a while I wanted to make some fibulas for some of my Winged Things creations so that they could function either as a pendant/necklace or a kinetic brooch of sorts. Today I decided to play around a bit with fibulas and made two quick and easy pins in no time at all. I decided to make a fibula to match my Madame Flutterbye pendant (Winged Thing #4) first.

This one was actually the first fibula I made but it didn’t fit the pendant very well so I just added a few swaros and a bone cat for the heck of it.

You will be seeing more fibulas from me in the months ahead, no doubt a tutorial for them as well. 🙂

YOJ Wk 1: Winged Things #3 Marth-ra by Delia Stone

Okay, well for my friends here who follow my blog or whom I know from jewelry forums may already be familiar with the pendant on this piece. Her name is Marth’ra and she is from my Winged Things Series. So what’s new about this piece that qualifies it for my week one entry?

For one, Marth-ra is no longer just a pendant. She is now a full fledged necklace. I decided that I wanted to enter Marth-ra into the Fire Mountain Gems 2011 ‘Metal Clay, Metal Beads, Wirework or Chain’ Jewelry making contest. When I went to enter her two days ago I realized that there is no category for pendants – only necklaces, hence her transformation from simple pendant to necklace. Something else that makes this peice worthy of my week one entry is that entering contests is a new experience for me. I have never entered a contest like this and find it a bit intimidating, frankly, but I’m taking the plunge in the spirit of ‘new beginnings’.

Below is the information I submitted about her construction.

The awesome new selection of carved bone faces that Fire Mountain Gems aquired this past year got my creative juices flowing. The moment I saw these smaller 16 mm and 12 mm faces I knew I would be making unique designs with them. At first I had visions of winged fairys, which brought me to create my first winged thing, Titania Queen of the Faeries. My fairy Marth-ra was inspired specifically by a picture of a beautiful Lunar moth that I found in a field guide. I just knew the moment that I saw the picture that I had to make a fairy pendant with the wings modeled after the moth in the picture … and Marth-ra was born!

I created the delicate wings by adapting an historic lace making technique known as needle lace to wire work. The results were fantastic! Delicate, light, airy, beautiful wings! The silver spirals on her wings are meant to portray movement. The body of Marth-ra is a lovely high quality piece of labradorite. When the pendant was completed it was clear that she deserved a special neckpiece, hence I created this special adjustable length filigree chain and embellished it with tiny labradorites and freshwater pearls. The final piece was oxidized and hand polished to reveal the fine details in the wire work.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath. Wish me luck, gang!

By the way, as a side note we have confirmed a total of 80 participants in the Year of Jewlery Project! Lucky for all of us following it, whether you’re participating or following for the incredible gallery of inspiring work, there will be 80 beautiful peices of eye candy for your viewing pleasure every week for the rest of the first quarter! Check out the other entries for this week here: Year of Jewlery 2011 Week 1

My First Gallery Show: Art and Soul at Blue Morning Gallery

New Blues Show Announcement
Consider this your invitation to join me at my first official gallery show held Friday evening, January 7th from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Blue Morning Gallery in historic heart of downtown Pensacola, FL. The theme of the show is ‘Art and Soul.’ This show is to introduce the newest artists of Blue Morning Gallery to the public. Several artists in various mediums will be participating;

Delia Stone – Jewelry
Lorraine Cathey – Felting and Watercolor
Tom Doughty – Colored Pencil and Watercolor
Heather Mitchell – Graphite and Colored Pencil
Diane Obe – Charcoal and Pastel
Mary Anne Sweida – Acrylics
Elaine Woodward – Pastel and Watercolor

Please join us at the opening reception. You will be rewarded with the culinary delights of Chef Cathey, wine and live soulful music – not to mention a visual feast of affordable and inspiring art in a variety of mediums.

I look forward to seeing you there. Blue Morning Gallery is located at 112 South Palafox Place next to the Saenger Theater. Call 850-429-9100 for more information.