Merciless Muse

My Muse didn’t let me get much rest this weekend. She cracked her whip again and again, each time demanding something different of me. In this piece I let my inner Alice run wild with the wire, resulting in unexpected whimsy!


And finally another rabbit hole, this time taken by me!  I adore solar quartz and had a few left over from a recent score.  These couldn’t be matched for earrings so I made a charm bracelet to use them up along with some small coin pearls, star quartz and tiny freshwater pearls.  So beautifully white – pure as the driven snow.  It makes me think of the innocence of Alice, before her mad adventure.


What a glorious weekend with my Muse.  I hope she sticks around to keep me busy through the rest of the week!  Though I am exhausted, I am content.  I have created.


Brag Post: Heart Song

My muse came to visit this weekend, cracking her glorious whip mercilessly upon my back once again.  Ouch!  But boy am I glad to see her! It’s been a while … she took a long holiday, going easy on me.  The break was nice, but after a while … I began to miss my muse.  Time passes slowly when your muse is not around.

A visit from my muse can be exhausting, keeping me up all hours of the night driven like a mad woman to wrap just one more bead … and then another, and another.  No matter how punishing she is when she comes, I’m always glad to see her.   She hit me Friday night and didn’t let go until Sunday afternoon.  I found myself praying for the design possibilities to stop wrestling one another in my head and allow me to tread confidently in one direction.   Finally after long moments of contemplation, confusion and frustration the muse cracked her whip forcing me to choose a direction and run with it! Forward I go, enjoying the color, texture, line play …  and then the analytical mind drops in to slow me down.  A restless night follows.  Tossing and turning, design ideas colliding, more frustrations, confusion and then – Breakthrough!  This process repeated itself again and again, until Heart Song was complete.

So from my little hoard of treasures I have held this beautiful torch worked heart on an old skeleton key that Doreetha Jones of Dr. Meow jewelry made.  The inspiration I waited for paid off.   While I sit self medicating with cold mojitos to dull the pain of the whip marks still stinging on my bloody back I am counting my blessings.  I get to do what I love every day.

Cluster 1



Rubies, Tahitian Pearls (3), Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone and Freshwater Pearl.  Note the tiny hearts worked into the silver lace work across the face of the heart.  A glistening tear of joy dangles playfully to the left (see photo below for better view).  Two chunky rose quartz beads are netted in wire lace; one in gold and one in silver.

Tiny Hearts in the silver lace work:

close up w text

Beautiful lace worked beads with intricate windows.

2 bead w text

rose gld

A glistening tear of joy:


tear drop w text

I posted Heart Song on my Facebook Page on DeliaStonesStudio and she sold almost immediately.  I am both thrilled and sad to see heart song go so quickly – but most of all blessed to be supported in doing what I love!