Winner! Magpie Gemstones Bead Blog Buddy Winner!

I won! I won! :::jumping up and down:::  If you also follow as a newsletter subscriber then you know what I’m talking about.  Szarka does a great give away once a week or so to her subscribers.  The winner gets some free pretties picked especially for them.  Finally, I was the lucky one!  She sent me some of the most amazing Rainbow moonstone beads and a beautiful matching rainbow moonstone cabochon.  I guarantee that you don’t get ‘cast offs’ either!  These are beautiful quality beads which Szarka is known for.  I can’t wait to make something that is worthy of these beautiful beads!  Thank you Szarka!

I want to encourage anyone else interested to go to and sign up for the newsletter.  All you need to do to qualify is add a link to Magpie Gemstones to your website or blog and sign up for the newsletter and you too will be in the hat for the next drawing!

When I get my new necklace completed I will be sharing pictures with you!  Stay tuned.