Copyrights and Inspiration by: Mary Tucker

Mary Tucker recently added a very thoughtful post to her blog, The Angsty Artist, regarding giving credit when it is due but also knowing when to take credit for your own work.

…. I have made a design that is 100% the same as Sharilyn Miller without ever seeing that design until years later. Sometimes the matter comes down to whether or not you believe what someone tells you. I have actually felt pressure to LIE and say I was inspired by someone else even when I wasn’t. Just so that I would not look bad. Maybe you have also felt that pressure.

Though I believe in honoring our inspirations and teachers, I don’t believe we should be enslaved by them. I don’t believe it is empowering to set down every jot and tittle of their influences on each piece we make. …



My Six Ton Jewelry Press has Arrived!

I’ve been coveting the Potter USA and Bonny Doon presses for some time. The problem is that both are out of the price range of my humble studio at the moment, but I found the economical answer to my prayers. 🙂 This is the six ton jewelery press from It’s much more affordable running just under $300 (compared to $500 to $1000 or more) and it covers all of the basics needed in my little studio. See the video below: