Shows and Workshops for the Remainder of July


Hello friends!
    It’s been a busy month so far and it seems to get busier with every passing day.  My head has been spinning most of the month – and I LOVE staying on the move.  Thank you to everyone who has played a part in making my summer so successful!
   Now to get down to business.  I want to tell you quickly about my upcoming ring making workshop for Wednesday the 25th and let you know about market dates, etc.


     Tonight is Gallery Night!  I’m hoping the weather holds out for us … this ‘drought’ is just too wet for my liking.  I will be at Blue Morning Gallery for the evening.  Please drop in to see me if you’re out and about.  I’m bringing some new bracelets HOT OFF THE BENCH for sale tonight.  These are made with an ancient jewelry technique developed in ancient egypt known as the Egyptian Coil.  I have modernized them a bit and added a shell or gemstone focal.  Beautiful, comfortable and full of detail.  I’m running a Gallery Night special on them at 20% off Taking them from $94 to $75:



     You can catch me at Palafox Market on the above dates.  Please note that I ALWAYS have Market specials, so it’s a good time to buy a piece or two at a fantastic deal.  You can find me at the North end of the Market (closer to the Cervantes end by the Scottish Rite building) with my handsome salesman, Dakota.  Dakota is doing an independent study this summer on being a merchant while solidifying his identity as an artist.  He’s making wire sculptures and helping me sell … and it won’t take you long to figure out that he’s working on commission! Ask him about our Market speicals – there’s always more than one special going on and he will be glad to tell you about them.  He’s been working to save up for his own PC and he’s half way there.  He’s making me proud!  Please stop by to see us.
    In addition to the daily specials (ask us on site what they are) we will run our regular earring special.
All price points apply!  Come see me and save!
And finally, WORKSHOPS!


Danish Princess Beads and Jewelry, Milton, FL  Cost: $35 for class plus materials kit @ $5 or bring your own materials.   
 In this class students will learn several variations of the same basic ring,  each with it's own distinct look.  
This is the perfect 'first ring' project for  the aspiring wire jeweler.   Below is three examples of the ring variations you will make.

         Having prior experience in wire jewelry is preferred but even a beginner can master the basics of this ring style. 
Materials needed; (kits include the following) 22 gauge dead soft round wire 20 gauge dead soft round wire Various sized 
round beads between 6mm to 10mm Tools required for project; Ring mandrel (prefer a steel mandrel but must have at least a
 low cost plastic one for forming ring shank) Rawhide hammer / Chasing or Ball peen hammer Round nose pliers clippers 
needle nose/ flat nose pliers. Many tools will be available on site for loan and purchase. I hope to see you at one of the
 upcoming events!

Bumblebee Jasper Necklace

There’s a beautiful new find in the gem world … bumblebee jasper!  It’s so amazingly beautiful I found myself quickly addicted to it and have bought up every little bit that I can find.

It’s easy enough to see how it got it’s name.  It’s a volcanic stone out of the volcanic vents in Indonesia.  It’s quickly becoming a prized find and the prices are going up quickly.  I was lucky enough to get several pieces from a reputable lapidarist who didn’t rob me blind.

I wrapped it in gold fill, keeping it simple.  All I really needed to do is allow the stone to be seen.  this is such an incredibly beautiful material.  I fondled the stone for hours before I wrapped it … and for hours afterwards.  It mesmerizes me!

This piece will soon be available in my Etsy shop.

Night Bird Cuff Bracelet

This is a piece I made a month or so back that I have fallen head over heels for.  I love the look of it.  The colors are wonderful, the details are lovely and  it’s so comfortable on the wrist one can hardly resist it!  I call it ‘Night Bird’ as four birds rest upon a branch against a full moon sky speckled with stars.  It has been artificially antiqued with a beautiful verdigris patina to add depth and color.  Lots of details packed into this little package!

The copper is so rich against the verdigris background.

Lots of detail on the backside! Glittering labradorite ovals are captured in herringbone weaves.

A cluster of tiny faceted labradorite and chrysophase roundels tickle the wrist.



This beautiful bracelet is soon to be available in my Etsy store.  Keep your eye peeled.  It won’t last long!