Feed Your Muse!


My muse is mysterious and wonton in her ways.  Do not ask me her name.  I do not know it.  She is elusive, fickle and quite severe on some days, cracking her glorious whip – driving me forward without regard for my need for sleep, nutrition, fresh air, etc.   My back aches from leaning over the bench, my wrist from an injury less than a year ago still fresh on my mind, my eyes cross due to sleep deprivation and still she drives me.
I do not direct my Muse.  She directs me.  It is my job to follow, to be slave to her whims and master her desires.  My muse takes me down rabbit holes, where bright ideas are born in the ‘moments’ fire.  Wonderful accidents lead me in a whole different direction than I set out intending to take.  That leads to breakthroughs.  My success is all to her credit.  I am just the vessel that she fills.

So how exactly does one find their muse?  I recently found this article on finding your muse by Alisha Burk and realized that I couldn’t say it any better.  Check it out and let me know if it helps you find your muse. Here is a small excerpt to whet your appetite:

There’s no doubt that the Muse can speak to us through others. But what makes your work original is knowing which influences to use and which to tune out. It’s an interesting life these days: TV (yay!), internet, IPhones, US Weekly (double yay!), check your email, check your texts, voicemail, multi-tasking (boo!), news, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, “Like”, “Unlike”, post, delete, upload, download . . . . .repeat! This constant snowstorm of information clouds my brain. I wake up in the middle of the night wondering about my inbox (I know, it’s totally obsessive!) Where does it end?! Is there an end?

In the middle if this madness, where does our Muse get a chance to speak to us? Can our inspiration sing if its voice is drowned out by all of these digital voices and influences? I mean, it’s great, this new communication, but every blessing brings its own kind of curse! How do we manage this flood without drowning in it? …”

To read the rest of this inspiring article, follow this link : http://findingyourmuseonlineclass.blogspot.com/

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My Six Ton Jewelry Press has Arrived!

I’ve been coveting the Potter USA and Bonny Doon presses for some time. The problem is that both are out of the price range of my humble studio at the moment, but I found the economical answer to my prayers. 🙂 This is the six ton jewelery press from JewelryPress.com. It’s much more affordable running just under $300 (compared to $500 to $1000 or more) and it covers all of the basics needed in my little studio. See the video below:

Workshop: Forged Metal Earrings – BEYOND the Basics

 Introducing a NEW WORKSHOP: Forged Metal Earrings – Beyond the Basics

This workshop will be offered at the special rate of only $25 exclusively for it’s first run!  If you miss out on the first run you can catch it later for the regular rate of $35.  Materials are not included but are available for purchase on location in inexpensive metals/components.

When: August 17th

Time:  10 a.m.to 12:30

Location: A Bead and Crystal House

711 West Garden St. Pensacola, FL 850-432-3400

If you were lucky enough to catch my free Mother’s Day day workshop on basic forged earrings and enjoyed yourself, you will LOVE this workshop.  In this class we will take it to the next level and create more advanced designs that are still simple but have greater aesthetic appeal.

TOOLS: If you have any of the following tools, please bring them to class with you: Steel Bench Block, mini anvil, hammers (chasing hammers preferred but a hammer from the hardware store will suffice), round nosed pliers (a.k.a. rosary pliers), flat nose pliers, flush cutters.  I will bring many tools for shared use but if you have your own, even better!

Materials:  Approximately 2 to 3 feet of 22 – 16 gauge wire, 2 feet of 26 – 28 gauge wire, 1 foot 20 gauge wire, various beads

Seats in this class will be limited to only 6 participants so that I am able to spend one on one time instructing each student.  Advance reservation is recommended in order to secure your seat.  To reserve your space, call 850-432-3400 or email me at workshops@deliastone.com.  Please leave your phone number with your registration.

UWF Course: Introduction to Wire Wrap Jewelry Begins September 6th, 2011

I will be presenting Introduction to Wire Wrap Jewelry at the University of West Florida beginning Tuesday, September 6th. This course is designed to take a beginners skills to the next level.  No prior experience is required for this course.  Students will learn a variety of traditional wire wrapping techniques and enjoy a variety of beginners projects that will lead them on to more advanced intermediate projects.   Students will gain a foundation of basics that must be mastered before moving on to more advanced projects.  Learn stone setting, two styles of pendants, how to make your own findings (ear wires, head pins, jump rings, toggle clasps, various styles of hook clasps, etc.), five different rings, basic forging techniques, multiple bracelet/bangle styles and more in this four week course!  Students who advance quickly will receive bonus projects as time allows.  Individual expression will be encouraged and students will have the opportunity to incorporate beads, cabochons and found objects from their personal collection.  See some of the skills that students will master in this course below;

Herringbone weave, hammered toggles

Border Wrap Pendant with Sculpted Bail

Border Wrap with Dangles

Nested Ring

Forging Basics

Custom Toggles made to match your Focals

Forged Crosses

Bi-Metal Twist Ring

Fibula style pins/brooches

     These are just a few examples of what students can expect to learn.   I will be on hand and available by phone and private forum outside of class time for assistance.  The skills learned in this course are valued at over $350 if taken as individual classes, but are offered at the deeply discounted value of only $175 for a four week course that meets in eight two and a half hour sessions.  Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Questions?  Email: Instructor@DeliaStone.com

New Workshops on the Horizon

   Many of my regular students have been requesting new workshops as they’ve taken about everything that I currently offer but they wish to continue their study with me.  I have taken the suggestions into consideration and am now offering three new workshops.  If anyone else out there would like to request a particular project for a future workshop, please let me know.  I am more than happy to accommodate where possible.   The most requested classes so far are; Bracelets, Findings and Earrings.

   These little beauties have always been popular!   This workshop will teach you the basics of hand coiling without the use of special tools, creating a wire frame and sewing with wire, how to create custom matching earwires and how to add an antique finish.   Location: A Bead and Crystal House in Pensacola, FL (711 West Garden St).  Cost of the workshop is $40 plus materials.  Materials can be purchased on site. 

Materials required:  2′ 20 gauge wire, 3′ 26 gauge wire, 2′ 28 gauge wire (can substitute 26 gauge), a variety of 3mm to 4mm beads in your favorite colors.  Swarovski crystals make for lovely colorful earrings with plenty of sparkle!

FINDINGS 101:  JUNE 7th 1:00
I would say that while other classes were requested, this class was demanded by students.  LOL  In this workshop you will learn the basics of making your own findings.  You can save a great deal of money by making your own findings, not to mention that by customizing your findings to your project the added detail will take your piece up a notch, artistically speaking.  When you have a toggle clasp with accent beads that match your piece your jewelry will impress!  There’s nothing like the headache of having a piece almost done, but then having to wait to order clasps or earwires to complete it.  As long as you have wire on hand, you will never be burdened with this problem again!  You will learn to make a variety of findings; hammered toggles, coiled toggles, S clasps, hook and eye clasps, various earwires, a varitey of headpins etc.  

   Available at A Bead and Crystal House, 711 West Garden St in Pensacola, FL.    Images to come.

     Look for my viking knit bracelet workshop to come in June.  This workshop will be offered at A Bead and Crystal House (711 West Garden St) on June 23rd @ 1:00.  This is an intermediate to advanced level class.  Cost is $65 plus materials.   If you have the required materials you are welcomed to bring them.  If not, you can purchase them from A Bead and Crystal House on site.  Bring basic hand tools for wire work.    Be prepared for this workshop to run up to 3 hours.

Materials required;  One 9mm clasp; 1′ 20 gauge wire,  1′ 18 gauge wire; 8′ to 10′ of 24 gauge wire (all wire dead soft temper) and a bead of your choice (size will vary depending on the length of your weave).  Two 5mm viking knit caps to finish off the end are optional.

    You can register for any of these classes by emailing Workshops@DeliaStone.com.  Please specify which class you wish to register for in your email.

FREE Mother’s Day Workshop, May 4th

Simple Forged Earrings


FREE Workshop for ages 12 and up!


When: May 4th

Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Location: Blue Morning Gallery at the NEW LOCATION: 21 South Palafox Street in Pensacola, FL.  Approximately 1/4 block south of Garden Street next to New York Nicks and the Global Grill.  Call 429-9100 for directions.

Cost: FREE!

     I don’t care who you are, you’re never too old to make something for your
mom to let her know that you love and appreciate her on her special day!  Ages
twelve and up are invited to take advantage of this free workshop to create a
pair of hand forged earrings for Mother’s Day.  No prior jewelry making
experience is necessary.  Beginners welcomed.  Please note: Materials are
provided.  While there is no instruction fee for this class a small materials
fee of $5 will be payable at the workshop. 
    Seats are limited so please be sure to call ahead and reserve you seat
today!  This is necessary so that the instructor has enough materials on hand
for all participants.  
     Delia will take you through a few simple forging techniques using a hammer
and steel bench block.  You will shape, forge texture and patina a pair of
copper earrings to be gifted to your mother on her special day! 

    This workshop is being held during evening hours to make it more convenient for both school aged children and adults to attend.  
      Please note:  Preregistration is REQUIRED.   Reserve your seat by sending an R.S.V.P. email to MomsDayWS@deliastone.com or calling Blue Morning Gallery at 429-9100 today.   If you reserve a seat and are unable to make it, please give a courtesy call to cancel so that we can open that space up to another participant.

Metal Etching in Jewlery Workshop March 18th 2011 in Pensacola, FL

Because of the nature of this workshop, many supplies will be included in the cost of the workshop.  All you will need to bring with you is your imagination and basic wire wrap tools (round nose, flush cutters, needle nose) if you have them.   Tools will be available on loan if you do not have them.  If you wish to add beads to your project you are responsible for providing them.

Because materials must be ordered in advance for this project preregistration is required and seats will be limited.  Please R.S.V.P. with your name and contact phone number to Workshops@DeliaStone.com or The Bead and Crystal House at 850-432-3400.

Please note that it is recommended that you wear clothes that you wouldn’t mind if they were soiled beyond repair.  This etchant can cause rust like stains on matieral that will not come out.  While this is not likely to happen if participants are careful, it is possible that accidents might happen and by participating in this workshop you assume all responsibility for any accidents. Delia Stone and the Bead and Crystal House are not liable for any personal injury or ruin of material items.

Tools required: Round nose pliers, needle nose pliers  and clippers.  All materials provided for etching process.  If you choose to use beads in the process of converting your etchings to jewlery you will need to provide them yourself.  A variety of beads are available for purchase on location.

Student Requirements:  This project is suitable for beginners.  No experience necessary.

Learn to etch copper sheet metal to create your own unique designs.  In this workshop you will create a pendant and matching earring set or your own half cuff bracelet as shown.  The design is up to you!  Delia will teach you how to add your design using a resist, etch and then finish a completed piece of jewelry using this fun and easy technique.  This technique is suited to a beginner!