New line: Winged Things Wire Wrapped Fairy

This outstanding cabochon that was gifted to me by Laura inspired me to create something special.  She sent me this cab, along with a few others, a little over a month or so but I’ve been too busy to really be able to play but recently I got myself caught up on all of my custom orders and found myself with free bench time! I knew immediately that I wanted to create something with Laura’s cabs.  This piece is my absolute favorite out of the batch. I’m not sure what it is … at first I thought it was mookaite because of the wonderful colors but then the pattern struck me as peanut wood. I’m learning towards mookaite.  I was glad to find that I had these burgundy swaros on hand because they were the perfect match to the brownish-burgundy colors in the stone. The tiny peachy pearls pulled on the cream markings in the stone very nicely as well.

I’m very pleased with the outcome of this lovely little Luna. Thank you so much Laura!

I was inspired to transform her into a fairy!    I am sooooo thrilled with the outcome of this! I have always wanted to create a wire wrapped fairy and I’ve finally done it! She started out as just another Luna for my series with some exceptional materials. The lovely little carved bone face has such delightful detail in it and the cabochon from Laura (cabbingrough) is magnificent. Now I add to that a stroke of sheer inspiration taking the form of gilded wings and >POOF< …. this is the result.


I am tickled pink with her! I love whimsical jewelry and this pendant is the embodiment of whimsical for me.

Initially I intended to put a LOS patina on the silver wings too but then I paused because I thought it looked kind of cool with the bright silver. I am looking for feedback on this part … share your thoughts!

Look for a tutorial for a complexed border wrap pendant soon!


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